Guarding Georgia

by Anna Brooks

Georgia Westbury was the one girl I could never have, but the only one I ever wanted. The rickety train track that divided our town wasn’t the only difference between us. She was sweet, innocent, and rich while I was nothing but a dirty delinquent.

I just needed a chance to show her how good we’d be together, but when she laughed in my face I finally gave her what she wanted… I left her alone.

Until she needed my filthy hands to save her.

And one touch was all it took to change everything we thought we knew.

Then she disappeared.

Now ten years later, she’s back and looking for redemption. She thinks all she needs to do is aim her baby blues at me and tell me she’s sorry and I’ll forgive her for what she did.

Well, she’s right.

But her returning home comes with consequences, and this time, I’ll do more than protect her body. I’ll also guard her heart.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Sinful and Sweet

by Brianna Skylark

Anna just got dumped at her sister’s wedding by her fiancé – for her best friend. All she wants to do is go home and cry into her pillow. Until silver fox Jack Temple lays his steel-blue eyes on her. She’s too young for him – he can’t touch her, and he shouldn’t want to. But those dark and dangerous eyes of his have got plans for Anna. Sinful plans.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Havoc Killed her Alpha

by Marie Mackay

I’m the omega who killed her alpha. Now I’m trapped in a house with the rest of his pack, and they get to decide my fate…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Vaccine In Love: It’s Now or Never

by Fanica Sebastian Stamate

It’s now or never…
Disappointed in love and suffering following another harsh break up – Alice Goldsworth is on a pursuit to find love; however, the universe has other plans…
Entwine yourself in the highs and lows of Alice’s very ‘real’ pursuit of love amidst a global pandemic and fall in love with her true grit and determination, as she overcomes many obstacles along the way to finding her ‘one true love’.
Will the ‘miracle’ vaccine ever be made? Will life return to ‘normal’? Will Alice find love in the pandemic when she least expects it?

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Category: Contemporary Romance