Nicholas Eternal

by Kim Conrey

If he must remain and protect, he’ll do it his way…

After 1700 years of rescuing the vulnerable from the worst of society, Nicholas is unraveling, and it’s beginning to show. Even as he tries to contemplate a way out of his unending existence, he’s drawn to the mortal woman with a twin ache on her soul for the fragile among them. As they work together to find her missing charge, he soon discovers she’s hiding secrets of her own, one that could change everything.

A lineage of power she’d rather forget…

Noory is a streetwise woman with a sacred tattoo and a lineage of power that she fears and is trying to forget, when she falls hard and fast for Nicholas Theodoulos, an immortal savior who cannot run from his calling and will not play by the rules.

Together they set out to scour this plane and the purgatory dimension, where dark forces seek to exploit their dangerous attraction. Now, an immortal who was ready to find a way out of his existence will offer his very soul to save hers.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Wishes in a Bottle

by Allie McCormack

The mysterious stranger disappeared from her life as suddenly as he’d arrived… then emerges from an old bottle in the attic

After 600 years of being bound to a magical bottle, Julian is beginning to wonder if he will be trapped as a Djinn forever.
Centuries ago in plague-struck Italy, Julian DiConti cast a powerful spell in desperation to have the magical power to be able to help his people who were dying in horrific conditions. The spell goes spectacularly awry, leaving Julian enslaved to a Djinn bottle, bound to grant three wishes to each Master of the bottle until the spell can be broken. More than anything, Julian longs for a normal life – for a home, and a family. After six hundred years, however, he has begun to despair of ever being freed from the spell.

She’d gladly free Julian from the spell, if only she knew how.
Enter Alessandra Taylor, a young woman who has followed her calling to help others, in the face of vociferous disapproval from her family. Working at a shelter for battered women, she’s thrilled to meet the reclusive Julian DiConti, whose collection of garments from third world countries has provided funding for shelters across the country. When Julian turns out to be a Djinn from the old bottle she found in her attic, she empathizes with his despair.

But one by one, she’s forced to use the precious wishes to help others.
Although she’s willing to free him, he can’t tell her how, and once she has made her third wish, the magic of the bottle will whisk Julian away and out of her life forever… unless she can somehow figure out how to free him.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Alien Prince’s Cure

by Tammy Walsh

I’ve been infected by a vicious intergalactic virus.
In less than 24 hours, I’ll turn into a disgusting monster.
The only known cure?
Mate with a gorgeous alien warrior.
What’s a girl to do?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Daisy Creek Brides (Daisy Creek Brides Collection Book 1)

by Amelia Rose

Daisy Creek is a small and simple town… but for four determined women, it’s the backdrop for romance and adventure. If you like heartwarming scenes, courageous characters, and historical dramas, then you’ll adore this adventurous Western romance box set.

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Category: Historical Romance

Laika… A Love Story

by J.F. McCarney

True love… is magical…

“Laika… A Love Story” is a steamy, suspense filled, romance novel that is set in the middle of one of history’s most important events. A young scientist and her strapping, colleague must choose; be part of a historic experiment or risk her life to save a stray dog from doom; she can’t do both.

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Category: Historical Romance