Guardians of the Gallery: A Reverse Harem Vigilante Superhero Romance

by Chloe Kincaid

In my world, art isn’t just beauty—it’s a battleground. My name is Elena, and I’ve staked my gallery’s future on a painting that’s as much a target as it is a treasure. But when a cold-hearted crime lord sets his sights on it, my life’s work is suddenly under siege.

To the rescue, maybe, are Dominic, Robert, and Lucien—three guys who are as mysterious as they are drop-dead gorgeous. Dominic’s tall, muscular, and brooding, Robert’s got a vibe that’s both calm and commanding, and Lucien’s creativity hides a wild side. They’ve become my unexpected allies in this mess.

Trusting them isn’t easy, especially when I’ve been burned before. They’ve got secrets of their own, ones that could change everything I think I know about them. And as the danger mounts, I find myself drawn to them in ways I can’t explain.

The closer we get, the more intense things become, both with the threats against us and the attraction between us. I’m caught in a game where the stakes are my life and my heart. And I have no clue that these guys are actually the Sonic Strikeforce, the very vigilante superheroes who’ve been protecting the city from criminals.

As the showdown with the crime lord looms, I have to wonder: Can I count on my three mysterious defenders to keep me safe? Will the painting be my downfall, or will it be the secret that saves us all?

This isn’t just a story about survival; it’s about whether I can trust the passion that’s building between us, and what happens when the truth finally comes out. Will the art that brought us together end up tearing us apart?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Moving In: A Reverse Harem Young Adult Romance

by Chloe Kincaid

They are three very different men, but deep down, they’re all big, tough studs at heart.

The timing could not have been worse.

My dorm room is flooded, and it’s only one week before I’m set to play in the regional soccer championships. Of course, the only room available is in an off-campus house currently occupied by three guys—or three jerks I should say, according to the rumors circulating around campus. But it’s either live there or on the street.

So off I go.

I just need to stay focused on the game and my studies. But how can I when the three guys are just so damn hot? And despite their reps, they may not be so bad after all.

Could I actually be falling for them? Really?
I’ve never even been able to handle one boyfriend.
What the hell am I supposed to do with three sexy guys?
Hmm, I think I have a few ideas…

Moving In is a reverse harem young adult contemporary romance involving three passionate alpha heroes and tons of kindle-melting heat, love at first glances, and sweet innocence. This mfmm romance is all about her – no m/m. If you love over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and wildly dirty stories, this one’s for you! HEA with no cheating!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Her Royal Blood: A Reverse Harem Vampire Romance

by Felicity Jordan

Twenty years ago, the Cherki vampire royal family was attacked by a rival clan. The only surviving members, three baby girls, were sent into hiding to live among the humans.

And they were lost.

The sisters know nothing of their vampire royal heritage. They live as humans, their vampire blood dormant. Until one day, through a tragic accident, one sister is revealed.

Rachel hates vampires. They killed her family and left her an orphan. She knows very little of their culture, just rumors of rich decadence and hedonistic power. A place where females rule, and males do their bidding.

It’s a world she wants no part of.

But one she’ll be forced to join.


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Category: Paranormal Romance

Secret Blood Ties: A Reverse Harem Vampire Romance (Her Royal Blood Book 2)

by Felicity Jordan

The second royal sister, Melanie, has been found.
She is due to take her place at the palace, but fate has other plans.
Danger is everywhere, even lurking within her own blood.
She has four suitors willing to die to protect her, but even mysterious vampire princes have their weaknesses.
In between their erotic encounters they’ll have to find out who is threatening the vampire houses.
And it may be up to Melanie to save them all.

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Category: Paranormal Romance