Wicked: A Sci Fi Alien Romance (Society of Savages Book 1)

by Hope Hart

“When I left Agron, I wanted only one thing:
To make the Grivath pay for what they did to us.
When our space fuel lasts just long enough for us to reach the hub planet Brexos, it seems like everything is falling into place.

But Brexos is run by the machiavellian Malakaz- an alien who now controls our fate with the swipe of one clawed finger.

None of us are entirely happy with the deal we strike, but we have no choice.

It’s simple: Bring Malakaz a package in exchange for his help with our revenge.

The problem? One look at that ‘package’ and my heart stops, every inch of my body on high alert.

Jax has revenge plans of his own, and no intention of falling in line with ours.

His ice-blue eyes seem to look deep into my soul, and I can’t seem to stop fantasizing about his hard body pressed up against mine.

Is my retribution more important than my heart? Even if it means Jax loses his one shot at his own enemies?

Even if I lose my one chance… for love?

Wicked is a full-length romance with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA. Society of Savages is a spin-off from the hugely popular Warriors of Agron series and features characters from the Arcav Alien Invasion series. While you may enjoy the series more if you’ve read the previous books, this is a standalone series.”

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Mr. Cold Casanova

by Jacob Parker

Women. Nothing but trouble and pain. Always chasing after my fortune. Gold Diggers. But my sexy new receptionist? She’s everything a man could want in a pair of heels. She’s a single mother with a heart of gold. Perfect for corrupting. She doesn’t want my money; she wants my heart. But am I willing to give it to her?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Steel Vengeance

by CC Gedling

A misguided assumption twisted love into obsession.


Years had passed since my life crumbled around me at university. From that point on, nothing had ever worked out right. As if an invisible hand always moved to ruin things.

When a family tragedy forced me back to Sheffield, I was reminded why I hesitated to return. Liam Reid was the reason I avoided this city. They say the CEO has a heart of steel with his ability to decimate businesses – but it wasn’t just companies at risk of devastation.

Once again, I found myself face-to-face with the man that shattered me.

How will I survive this time?


A decade ago, Chloe wrecked me, levelling my very foundation to the ground. I never forgot. I took my rage and fuelled an empire, destroying the competition and monopolising every game I played.

All this time, I watched her, plotting and waiting for the right moment. Now she was back on my turf, and all bets were off.

She is mine. Mine to catch, mine to keep, and mine to break.

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Category: Erotic Romance