by Ava York

Rekker wasn’t expecting to be matched.

On the eve of being sent to retrieve a mysterious artifact, he’s sent something just as enigmatic.

A human woman, lush and curved.

His mate.

When danger comes from an unexpected source, they’re thrown together. And when his mate turns to him, he’ll protect her.

Keep her.

Claim her.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Different with You

by E.H. Lyon

This sexy single dad is about to get a different outlook on love…

Dr. Lucas Kade is starting over. He’s just moved back to his small hometown, set up his medical practice, and is slowly beginning to put the mess of his soon-to-be divorce behind him. Not to mention figuring out how to juggle being a father on weekends and every other holiday situation. But when he accidentally nearly kills his parents’ dog, the dog isn’t the only one with a whole new dilemma, Lucas comes face to face with the woman he once kissed during his hormonal teenage years.

It just so happens that veterinarian Dr. Abby Call is also riding the post-divorce train. What started off years ago as a teenage crush could easily become something much less innocent between these two newly single adults. Now they just need to find out if they’re nothing more than each other’s rebounds or if this is their second chance at love.

Throw in Lucas’s four-year-old son, a meddling mother, and an overprotective Labrador, and this budding romance is only about to get more complicated.

Different With You is the first sweet and sexy standalone story from the brand-new “Matchbox” series.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

His Rules

by Ajme Williams

A southern stranger for one night? Yes please.
Don’t have to see him in the morning? Even better.

But what if he showed up again? I could deal with that.
And if he showed up as my boss? Oh boy…

I think this is one big joke.
When I opened the door to his office and saw his face, I knew that my nightmare had come true.
The same stranger who had kissed my curves so adoringly was now looking at me like I was a mistake.
To be fair, I was looking at him the same way.
He was a mistake.
A delicious one.
A grumpy one.
This hot mistake came with consequences in the form of… rules.
Look, I am okay doing hot men, but I don’t do rules.
Not the ridiculous kind anyway.
My boss is determined to make me obey.
And I’m willing to let him try.
Even if the end result is a secret baby that would turn my world upside down…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Smoke (Guardian Security Shadow World Book 6)

by Kris Michaels

The assassin known as Smoke had his future planned. When his partner’s life imploded, his absence left Smoke adrift. Then Guardian threw a sassy, enticing anchor at him. When the alluring siren boarded his ship, he should have seen the rocky shore in the distance. She was irresistible and he was twenty years her senior. Anything but a professional relationship with her was a shipwreck waiting to happen.

The operative known only as Charley dove headfirst into a chance of a lifetime. Her temporary partner radiated a magnetic personality, sexy smile, gorgeous body and they formed an easy comradery, but she could sense darkness below the shiny veneer. She wanted more than a working relationship with this man, and she let him know in no uncertain terms the attraction would come with no strings attached.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Sansa Rayne

“They marked me for death, but he had other plans for me.”
I risked everything for the story of my career. I took down a powerful man. Now his connected friends want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
Their assassin, Ingram, lured me into a trap. Flew me to their island. Covered up my disappearance.
I’ll never escape on my own.
In constant danger, punished and degraded at every turn, I have one chance to survive. Someone’s trying to kill Ingram. He needs my help to figure out who.
But this is more than a quid pro quo. Submitting to Ingram awakens my darkest desires. His dominance satisfies my unmet cravings.
He swears he’ll protect me, but no one crosses the Masters without paying the price… “Reckless” is the first book in a thrilling, addictive and scorching-hot dark romance trilogy from Sansa Rayne, author of “Erased.”

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Category: BDSM

Running on Empty

by Megan J. Parker & Nathan Squiers

I was just looking for revenge.
I never expected that I’d find redemption

Some people have pretty little goals in life.
A nice house. A safe neighborhood. A boring, steady job.
My only goal is revenge.

The sick bastards in the Carion Crew have no idea what they’ve created.
I’m more monster than man…and I’m going to destroy them.

All that changes when I see Mia, their prettiest captive.

One look, and I have no choice but to save her from the chains of her debt.
They’ll never touch her again.
They’ll never run their hands down her gorgeous curve.
They’ll never hear her beg.
She’ll belong to me.

But now that she’s been broken by the Carion Crew…
Can she ever be mine?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Spring Kings

by Kayla Wren

They shut me away for my safety. They should have triple checked the lock.

My bodyguard Jamie is my shadow. He escorts me everywhere; he plans my days.

He’s so damn beautiful that maybe I wouldn’t mind, except this has already gone on too long.

There’s a whole city out there. A world to explore. Music, laughter, life.

That’s why I do it: dive out of the car and disappear into the crowd. Why I run off to spend my stolen hours with a gorgeous musician and the captain of a riverboat.

Jamie’s always so serious. Well, it’s time to play a game.

Count to ten, Jamie. Then come find me—if you can.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Forbidden and Explicit Erotica for Adults – Sixty Two Book Bundle

by Christi Cabernet

Christi Cabernet is happy to bring you her largest erotica bundle yet!

This bundle of sexy stories will make your toes curl! They are written by authors who aren’t ashamed of their kinks, fetishes, predilections, or pasts and they want to share their wild imaginations with you!

These stories include explicit content for women and men who are ready for some adventures!

What are you waiting for? This’ll just be our little secret.

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Category: Erotica

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