by Ida Brady

Savannah loves nothing more than a good romp in the sack. If she’s not doing it with her paraplegic gamer boyfriend, Arcas, she’s at the very least daydreaming about it, preferably with a duke from the 19th century. Her overactive imagination means she can’t help but fantasize about the R-rated pastimes of the peerage, adding her own scintillating scenes to her favorite historical romance, Love and Honor.

By day, she dreams about the commanding Duke of Maddern and his seduction of Miss Emmaline Collins, the innocent, headstrong beauty whose heart he broke long ago. By night, she embarks on a year-long challenge: to experience and document her wild bedroom antics in her online blog.

But when her conservative past threatens her newfound freedom, Savannah must find the courage to stay the course…

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Category: Erotic Romance

To Dream of Shadows: A Gripping Holocaust Novel Inspired by a Heartbreaking True Story

by Steve N Lee

Inspired by a previously untold true story, “To Dream of Shadows” is one of the most heartwarming, heartbreaking, and heroic tales of the Holocaust.

Her compassion will save lives. But will it end hers?

1943. 18-year-old Czech, Inge is torn from her family and imprisoned in some godforsaken hellhole. There, she suffers month after month of torturous labor while praying for liberation by the Allies. But rescue never comes. And her dream of surviving the war dies.

Heinz, an SS Sergeant, has been force-fed the Reich’s poison since childhood, but nowadays, he covertly helps prisoners.

So when a random act of kindness thrusts Inge and Heinz together, they can’t resist being drawn to one another.

But their relationship does not go unnoticed, and falling in love becomes a death sentence. Not just for them, but for all those they care about.


Inge makes an unthinkable sacrifice.

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Category: Historical Romance

Fireflies: A Celtic Romance Series (Book 1)

by Shea Hulse

When two complete opposites find themselves in a magical world neither knew existed, sparks fly! Fireflies tells the story of a beautiful loner and a handsome recluse who discover that they have more in common than they thought. As they navigate a dangerous new world with unexpected allies, will their newfound connection bring them closer together or tear them apart?

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Four Enemies: An Enemies-to-Lovers Reverse Harem Romance

by Stephanie Brother

No one has ever pushed me to my limits like these four men.

I’m excited when I’m given a promotion to tour manager at Club Red—until I find out I’ll be crowded into a van with four alpha-hole revue dancers, trying to keep them in line while they travel to other venues.

The men are all so irritating that I manage to mostly overlook how hot they are … until the night we’re forced to share a room, and all of the energy we’d put into fighting with each other gets channeled into more pleasurable activities.

It’s a spectacular lapse in judgment on my part, and I can’t let it happen again. But my common sense and willpower have apparently met their match. Resisting them is futile, especially when I find out there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye. Can we move from being enemies to something much more than friends?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Net Worth

by Amelia Wilde

Charlotte Van Kempt will do anything to keep her family afloat — and that’s exactly what the dangerous-looking billionaire in front of her is asking. One contract, unlimited access to her body.
And he’s about to play dirty.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Vegas Bluff

by Ajme Williams

I was right all along…
Amelia was just like all the other women I never wanted to see again after spending one night together.

In fact, she turned out to be worse than them.

Let me backup…

It’s true when they say that Las Vegas should be burned to the ground.
I’d burn it myself after ending up married to a woman and having no memory of it.
Was Amelia playing me?
Judging by the way she was sweating and yelling in shock, I didn’t think so.

My heart lied to me and begged me to believe in her authenticity.
You know, maybe she wasn’t after my money or prestige, after all.
Maybe her gorgeous body contained a heart that I could actually love.

Boy was I wrong.

Instead of finding an honest heart, I discovered a nasty secret that made me want to rewind time and undo the moments I’d spent with her inside the bedroom.

She was a devil in human form.
A devil that was now wearing a wedding ring… and carrying my baby.
Could this Christmas bring me any more surprises?

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Category: Contemporary Romance