Second Chances

by Bria Marche

Life sails along smoothly on beautiful St. Thomas for Abby Melrose Bellavance, or so she thinks. That is, until her husband, Remy, steals her trust fund and disappears for parts unknown. Now, with five million reasons to write off men for good, she returns to Charleston, broke and groveling at her mother’s feet.
Living again in the opulent mansion, Abby is thrown another curve ball. Her mother dies, leaving Abby with a mansion, but no money to support it.
Turning the home into a boardinghouse will bring in cash, but now two of the hottest men in Charleston are Abby’s tenants. They’re similar in one way—they are men, and she should keep her distance.
As the southern summer blazes on, fate deals Abby one final blow. She wonders now, if she’ll ever have a second chance at love.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Everwood County Plantation

by Stacy-Deanne

Zenni falls in love with billionaire Colton Sage while they fight over his plans to demolish a plantation that is the only piece of history connecting Zenni to her enslaved ancestors in a small Georgia town.

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Category: Interracial Romance


Dragon Fairest

by Amberlyn Holland

This Snow White is no damsel in distress. He’s a dragon shifter on the run from the foster mother who wants him dead.

Jack has three unbreakable rules of survival:

One, never reveal his full dragon form.
Two, steer clear of magic users at all costs.
Three, always trust his instinct for trouble.

And there’s no doubt a princess accused of cursing her own family is exactly the kind of trouble he should avoid.

Despite Jack’s intention to keep Kynara at arm’s length though, her intriguing mix of vulnerability and stubborn determination draws him like no one else ever has.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Toy for the Teachers

by Sofia T Summers

Nothing’s hotter than someone making you feel like you’re the only girl in the world.


Three men do it at the same time.

But it gets even hotter when those men are your professors.

Completely obsessed.
That’s how I define my relationship with them.

Caleb, my astronomy professor, is so charming that he had me at hello.
Vladimir, my business professor, is the most bossy Russian man I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
And Warren, my literature professor, with a body as big and solid as a rock, has an attitude that has me drooling over him.

Sleeping with them will cause me trouble… and it could cost them their jobs and entire careers.

So is it worth the trouble for them to love every inch of me?
And would it shatter my heart if they decided not to?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


His Au Pair Obsession

by Gia Bailey

Emma watches my kids, and I watch her.
The au pair. The woman who swallowed up my every thought.
My obsession.

As soon as I met Emma Andrews, I was obsessed. Day by day, the feeling grew, until just watching her wasn’t enough anymore, I needed more. Luckily for me, her visa’s about to expire, and she needs a way to stay. I have a simple solution for that.
Once I have my ring on her finger, I’m never letting her go.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


Give Me Forever

by Weston Parker

It was lust at first sight. Her curves turned my head, but it wasn’t until she became my assistant that I knew I needed far more than her body. She needs me too. Well, really, she needs my money, bad enough to agree to become my fake fiancée. Faking it for a while is fine, but I want so much more from this woman. I want forever.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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