Leah’s Seduction (Books 1-4)

by Emily Jane Trent

Gianni Rinaldi has dominant sexual tastes and satisfies Leah’s fantasies. The gorgeous billionaire seduces Leah, obsessed with releasing the passion inside her. Their encounters plunge the relationship into deeper water, and both get more than they expect. But will their love survive the past that threatens to rip them apart?

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Category: Erotic Romance

Fine Eyes and White Lies

by Beatrice Langford

A seemingly insignificant decision and a little white lie result in a witty spin on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Only one thing could mar Elizabeth Bennet’s joy in her sister’s wedding – the unpleasant comments on her family that she overhears from Mr. Bingley’s closest friend! Handsome and rich as Mr. Darcy is, she is sure nothing could make up for his pride. But when Elizabeth needs an excuse to redirect Mr. Collin’s proposals from herself to a more willing bride, she’s seized by a mischievous spirit and finds an excuse in Mr Darcy himself – the man Mr. Collins has shown an exaggerated respect for, and the last man she would ever marry!

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Category: Historical Romance

Baby for My Bosses

by Natasha L Black

It’s against the rules to hook up with your boss.
But what if I get with all four of them?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Baby For My Billionaire Grump

by Harley Chambers

I hate my brother’s grumpy best friend. Now I’m having his baby…

Clay Evans blows into town drop dead gorgeous, filthy rich, and looking for a doctor.

Not for him, but for his sweet little girl.

Next thing I know, I’m her pediatrician.

My younger self hated him as he and my brother would play tricks on me but now, as adults the physical attraction is real.

Before I know it, we’re enjoying each other between the sheets – and I’m letting him play doctor with me – examining me everywhere.

But now someone is targeting my medical practice through social media to ruin me and I see a whole other side of Clay. The tech warrior in battle for me.
I should stop this affair.

Keep it professional and go back to my life.

Only thing is, attraction turns into something real and every moment with him is pure joy.

I pray he feels the same because we have a problem… two actually.

The lines on the pregnancy test.

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Category: Contemporary Romance