A Billion Dollar Romance

by Britt Bentley

The billionaire professor of my college fantasies is now my fake fiancé. The problem? I forgot our story was fiction, and now I’m in love with a man twelve years my senior.

Celebrity author James Martin was strictly off-limits when I was a college student, and he was the guest professor of my creative writing class. When I bump into him in a bar five years later, I haven’t forgotten him, and I can’t resist the chance at one night with the older man who starred in my college daydreams… and fantasies.

My one night stand with the playboy professor is everything I had ever dreamed of… Until the next morning, when I find out that Professor Martin? He’s my new boss.

A Billion Dollar Romance is a standalone novel in the Bankworth Club Billionaires series. This billionaire boss/employee office romance has an age gap, student/professor roleplay, a fake engagement, and a lot of steamy scenes I don’t want my own former college professors to read. Professor Neiman, this book is not for you.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Billionaire’s One Night Stand Nanny

by Britt Bentley

It was just supposed to be a one-night stand with a handsome older stranger. Now, I’m his daughter’s nanny. But I can’t stop thinking about that one night we shared…

“I’m the nanny.”

Wearing last night’s clothes, standing between my handsome older one-night stand and his–surprise!–ex-wife and daughter, I said the only thing I could think of.

But he does need a nanny.

And I need a job.

Our relationship is doomed from the start. He’s a decade older than me–and he’s my boss.

All we have is a secret summer fling.

But when we’re together, it doesn’t feel forbidden…

It feels like forever.

The Billionaire’s One Night Stand Nanny is a standalone novel in the Bankworth Club Billionaires series. This billionaire single dad/nanny romance has a ten-year age gap, a romance-reading heroine, a really good dad, and a secret relationship.

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Painting Stars

by Bea Teal


I was raised to steal. But when I was forced to choose between family and betraying the man I admired most, I was left estranged from my parents and sister. Now, I work to ensure that everyone has the kind of safe home I never did.

My sister’s sudden death has me returning to the small Michigan town I ran from. And there’s a surprise waiting for me: Levi, a six-year-old nephew I didn’t even know I had, who is now my responsibility. Thankfully—or not—my childhood neighbor and first love, Noah, and his caring parents are around to support me.

He’s a capable and uber-honest mechanic, an unconventional soccer coach, and even more charming than I remember. He’s the guy with raven hair, Bambi eyes, and dimples who makes it too easy to fall in love. Which I did—before he married someone else.

When a client’s foolish scheme lands me in jail and Levi’s future is threatened, the only person I can turn to for help is the man who broke my heart. But help from Noah comes with strings attached…

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Category: Multicultural Romance

The Stewardess’s Diary

by S.M. Pratt

One diary, two questions: Who is she? Can he find her? Follow Captain Charlie as he grows obsessed with the mysterious stewardess who left her diary in his briefcase. If you like smoking-hot voyeurism, innovative storytelling, and sensual scenes that break the norm, then you’ll love S.M. Pratt’s sizzling tale.

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Category: Erotica

A Spell of Thorns

by Adelia Jezek

The princes of Minalorea have vanished, and the queen is trapped in an enchanted sleep.
But in Rose’s small mountain town, no one can talk of anything but the monstrous, wild Spirit Bear that haunts the surrounding forest.
Once she is bound to him, Rose learns that there is more to him than meets the eye; his name is Tomas, and he carries secrets from his past, hidden by a dark and powerful curse.
As Tomas and Rose discover ancient mysteries and dark threats that loom over the kingdom beyond the forest, she discovers a secret of her own: one of powerful, wild magic. But as her abilities grow stronger, so do her feelings for Tomas.
Will she be able to break his curse in time to save him — and their kingdom — from the enemies trying to shatter their world?

A Spell of Thorns is a cozy cottage-core retelling of Snow White and Rose Red. It ends on a cliffhanger.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Bossy Silverfox

by Ruby Wilde

Bossy Silverfox is an age gap single dad romance, filled with witty banter and humor throughout, leaving you laughing! Plus, all the steam! Maggie and Leo share a passionate night and then can’t stay away. As her heart opens up to Leo, she finds out he is friends with… her dad. Can Maggie and Leo make it work despite the years that separate them?

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Category: Contemporary Romance