My Beautiful Dangerous

by Laila Amlani

Every sin comes with a price.

I ran away when I was a kid.
Before my family could break me.
Back when I thought I could still be saved.

Now I lie to everyone about who I am.
I lie to myself about the things I’ve done.
My new identity protects me.
But my secrets demand a lonely life.
No man is worth the risk.

Until Chase Hale…

He makes me forget that I’m unwanted.
He makes me forget what I deserve.
He makes me vulnerable.
He makes me weak.

And that’s what makes him Dangerous.

But when he starts making me believe I might be worth saving, that could be the most Dangerous of all.

Because every sin comes with a price, and when my family comes to collect, there will be nothing in this world left to save me.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Keeping It in the Family (Books 4-6)

by Bella Beaumont

When Cassidy’s hot stepbrother returns home from a five-year hiatus, he introduces Cass and her mom, Gloria, to a weekend of taboo pleasure.

Now, Decker Shore is willing to do anything to keep his stepsister and stepmom under his thumb. That includes surprising them with new friends wanting to partake in the sinful delights, and corrupting them through their daily lives at school, at home, and out in public.

When it’s all said and done, Decker is supposed to leave after the weekend… but now that he’s the man of the house, anything he says goes. And he’s not going anywhere until his stepmom and stepsis are completely defiled and obsessed!

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Category: Erotica

Their Easter Bunny

by Ajme Williams

Three gorgeous men rescued me from my worst nightmare, but that was just the beginning.

My dad’s best friends were completely off-limits.

I wasn’t thinking straight when I let Mateo kiss my lips the night I was devastated about my ex’s betrayal.

And then he invited two of his friends to join us and make my night even better.

Mateo… He’s two decades older, and the kind of silver fox I didn’t know I wanted.

Eric is unpredictably ruthless but that doesn’t scare me. His protective arms allow me to sleep in peace.

And Lucas adds all the spice I need in the bedroom while craving for more.

Ending up in this position and being their easter bunny has its consequences.

My blackmailing ex has gotten these men… angry.

They are shielding me from him.

But none of us know how to save my dad’s career if word gets out.

Especially now that I’m pregnant with triplets… with no idea who the baby daddy is.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

SEALed by a Kiss

by Ava Gray

My hot ex-Navy SEAL neighbor thinks I’m harmless and beautiful.
Little does he know that a Vegas mafia kingpin is after me.

My mother’s husband handed me to the bad guys.
Fortunately, I got lucky and escaped.
It’s true that my safety is short-lived.
But Sawyer’s intense kisses make me feel alive.
And his arms make me forget that I’d come so close to death.

He didn’t know about my dark past when he took my innocence.
But he does know that I want him in my future.
Those dangerous men will come after me.
And the future I want with Sawyer will disappear if he doesn’t save me and the baby growing inside me…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

You and Me, Baby

by Weston Parker

The last thing I need is to fall in love. My sister has other plans. She works for a hot new dating agency, and I made a pact with her to give it a try. Plus, I don’t have time for relationship drama. But it turns out my blind date with Mr. Perfect is the guy I love to hate.

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Category: Contemporary Romance