The Dom’s Submission

by Ellis O. Day

Terry is rich, attractive and pure Dom. He likes his women to be experienced in submission, until he meets Maggie. She’s a curvy, single mom who’s a hot mess of a woman and he’s never met anyone he wanted more. Can he convince her that a bossy Dom is exactly what she needs in her life and her bed?

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Category: Erotic Romance

A Duke Won’t Do

by Jessie Clever

Lady Gwendolyn Bounds survived smallpox at the age of eight to go on to do…nothing.

Outcast by society because of the scars that mark her face, Gwen has convinced herself that a future as a spinster spent aiding her mother in her doddering years will be enough even as her heart knows it is not. Somewhere there is a second chance out there.

She just never thought it would be with a sheep farmer from Yorkshire.

Logan Bender, the Earl of Gracey, doesn’t want a wife, but when his plans for the generational building of his sheep flock requires an heir, he has no choice but to find one. Haunted by the cruelty of his first wife and desperate to repair the damage she did to the title, Logan is determined to find a plain, biddable second wife who will represent the title with respect and cause him no trouble. So when he finds an earl desperate to marry off his unattractive, spinster daughter, Logan thinks he’s found the answer to all his problems.

Except his problems have only just begun when he finds himself falling in love with a wife who is anything but biddable.

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Category: Historical Romance

The Sweetest Words

by Laura Ann

His review was supposed to put her bakery on the map . . . instead it made her the laughingstock of the internet. Faced with ruin, Aspen did the same thing anyone would do. She invited him back, but this time it would be on her own terms. Revenge will be sweet.

Don’t miss this sweet enemies to lover romance by USA Today bestselling author Laura Ann.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Beachside Kisses With My Bodyguard: A Sweet Romantic Comedy

by Kristin Canary

When Princess Chloe escapes to plan her brother’s wedding in an American small town, he sends his best friend to protect her. But things get complicated when the townspeople assume the princess and bodyguard are the bride and groom—and they play along with the charade. A charming sweet romantic comedy.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Time to Love the Duke

by Lavinia Glen

Olivia is finally rebuilding her life after a painful divorce. While on a business trip to England, she is driven off the road by a mysterious force, only to come to her senses in the bed of a handsome Duke. He offers to take care of her, and she’d happily accept. Except he says the year is 1872. Time travel isn’t real. Right?
The powerful Duke of Avondale has forsworn love after the death of his wife. When he rescues a strangely dressed woman, helping the stranded beauty becomes his mission; a way to atone for sins of the past. But he couldn’t foresee the scorching passion she would awaken in his heart, or that he would yearn to keep her forever by his side.
As their lives and bodies entangle, a shocking revelation comes to light. When the past and the future collide to threaten their fledgling relationship, they’ll risk it all to save their love from slipping away like the sands of time.

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Category: Time Travel Romance