Happily Ever After Cookbook

by Multiple Authors

Immerse yourself in the world of romance with book-inspired recipes! Bestselling authors of your favorite novels teamed up with private chefs to develop original dishes. Now you can cook your way to a happily ever after…

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance

Mail Order Bride – Montana Rescue

by Linda Bridey

Josie Bainbridge dreams of finding a husband, but there aren’t any available men in Pullman. Evan Taft thinks mail-order-brides for the single men in Echo might save the town. Can he and Josie overcome evil forces and keep their love alive?

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Category: Historical Romance

Friends of the Duke

by Nina Jarrett

A writer fighting for his muse. A captain returned from war, searching for his wife. Two delightful novellas about the power of true love.

Friends of the Duke is a box set of two captivating prequel novellas full of unrequited feelings and steamy romance previously published as separate titles.

Interview With the Duke
London, 1818. Dinah Honeyfield can’t wait any longer. In love with her family’s long-term houseguest, she’s determined to get him to reveal his affections before her rich industrialist father marries her off.

Lord John Pettigrew gave up his birthright to follow his dreams. And with nothing to offer a potential wife, the aspiring author despairs he’ll never be able to win the hand of the one who’s been his muse.

Can they rewrite their future and plot a path to forever?

The Captain’s Wife
Wiltshire, 1818. Mrs. Lydia Lewis has given up on broken promises. Marrying her soulmate only to be attacked during his heartbreaking absence, she finds refuge as an incognito ducal housekeeper.

Captain Jacob Lewis is angry and hurt. Returning from military service to discover his spouse has vanished into thin air, he begins an almost hopeless search to bring her home.

Can this star-crossed pair reclaim newlywed bliss?

Friends of the Duke is the delightful prequel box set of the Inconvenient Brides Regency romance series. If you like worthy heroes, fast-paced plots, and enduring connections, then you’ll adore Nina Jarrett’s charming collection.

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Category: Historical Romance


by Eva Kent

I’ve caused my fair share of trouble for the Brotherhood. It took one reckless decision that endangered someone completely innocent for me to change my ways.

Since I’ve abandoned my mischievous ways, I’ve been productive. But something’s missing now. I just don’t know what.

That is, until I lay eyes on her – the cute omega wolf that I can’t get off my mind and that my bear wants to keep close at all times.

The only problem is…She’s kept on lock down by Fang – the alpha of the Street Wolf Gang whom we’ve just ended a feud with. Going after her would spark a war.

She needs help, and I have an unstoppable urge to protect her. But how can I do that without putting Penfell Height and everyone in it in danger?

I can’t go on living my new ordinary, well-behaved life knowing she’s miserable. I have to do something.

After all, what is a Blood Brother if he doesn’t defend those that need protecting?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Eternal Descendants

by Emory Gayle

Finding someone to love her as much as her cat does, shouldn’t be this difficult!
Sarcastic yet sweet Mellie, is cursed in the love department. Struggling to figure out who she is beyond her plant obsession, Mellie fails to maintain any relationship. When a handsome stranger, with an annoying knack for showing up everywhere she goes and ability to go toe-to-toe with her sass, moves in across the hall, even her cat can see Mellie’s in trouble.

A prophesy that kills your love life. Or a love life that could end up killing… well everything and everyone. Take your pick.
Erich, the bookish son of Athena, has sworn to never give his heart away, thanks to the best romance killer of a prophecy the world has known. When Athena asks him for a favor, Erich’s curiosity gets the best of him, and he packs up his books and best friend and goes. Things spin out of control when Erich’s heart is enchanted by the woman who lives across the hall, with her sharp wit, love for plants, and annoying cat.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


by Evangeline Anderson

Tragar’s oath to kill can not be broken lightly. And there is a shadowy figure rising from the darkness who wishes to claim Emily’s life. Can the fallen warrior guide and protect Emily to the place she truly belongs?

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Category: Paranormal Romance