Slow Simmer

by Sheridan Jeane

Mara Stellar, a comic book shop owner on the brink of losing her store, meets charming movie director Ford Ross. Ford is fresh off his best director win and back home to reconnect and choose his next film project, but family problems throw his life into chaos. Mara and Ford fall for each other, but their differing life philosophies clash. Can they find common ground and make their love story a fairytale ending?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

The White Knight Cowboy

by Stacy-Deanne

Is this widower cowboy prepared for the feelings stirred up by this much-younger feisty maid running from the law?

When 40-year-old cowboy Dusty returns to his ranch in small-town Clear Creek County, he is shocked to find 19-year-old, beautiful black servant Lovely Jo hiding in his stables. She explains how she ran off after finding the master of her household, dead. She swears she’s innocent, but needing money to save his ranch, Dusty tries to take her to the Sheriff to claim the bounty for her return.

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Category: Historical Romance

The Doctor’s Twin Secrets

by Sofia T Summers

I gave him my heart, but I couldn’t give him the truth.

Curt got me pregnant years ago, and I never thought I’d see him again.
Until he walked right into my hospital.
My legs shook when I saw that gorgeous face again.
I remembered those eyes all too well.
But the guilt in my heart forced me to look away.

A second chance with this hot doctor would destroy me all over again.
It would ruin my career, but it’s tempting.
Especially when I feel his strong arms wrap around me.

Revealing the truth comes at a huge cost.
But a baby can’t remain a secret forever.
Especially when I have another one on the way.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Love Inside the Silence

by A.L. Long

Everything can change in a split second,

before you can take your next breath.

Willow Parker had everything going for her, a future she dreamed of ever since she was a little girl would soon become a reality.

It’s funny how things can change in a split second, at the drop of a hat. I, for one, never thought that I would be a victim of those crazy idioms, but unfortunately, no one can predict what the future will bring or what will happen from one minute to the next. For me, my fate was decided five years ago. It was an unforeseen tragedy, one that no one deserved, especially me. How was I to know that changing my daily routine would have an outcome that would leave me in silence for the rest of my adult life?

One thing I didn’t count on was facing the man who changed my life forever.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Bared Magic

by Sara R Cleveland

The girl with the golden hair…
Siphons are rare creatures, supposedly born of the union of human and fae blood. How she got her ability doesn’t much matter to Wynne; all she knows is it’s a death sentence or worse if the wrong people find out about her gift. It’s too bad she was never very good at minding her own business.
… and the bear who loved her.
An old curse grows stronger, leaving Callum Bertram sleepless and desperate. He thinks he’s found a temporary solution until a pretty young woman accidentally uses up his sleeping charm. Now, this werebear suddenly finds himself craving something more than a good night’s sleep.

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Category: Fantasy Romance