Fix My Heart

by Angel Devlin

FREE!! A British small-town romance. When Violet buys a house needing renovation, builder Milo takes charge in fixing the place up. But repairing the house isn’t his only project. He wants Violet too!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Pawn & The Knight

by Skye Warren

A ruthless billionaire determined to get revenge.
A woman with more to lose than her virginity.
And a sensual game that will break them both.

Gabriel Miller has thirty days to do anything he wants with her body. He can enjoy every inch of her, but he can never let himself fall for her. No matter how sweetly she surrenders.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Ruthless Enemy

by Mckenna Miller

When Lorelai promised to be mine, I never would have believed that things would end in her betrayal . . . and me spending time in prison for something I didn’t do.

Now I’m out and determined to exact revenge against the woman I’d once loved, only to find out she’d been keeping a secret from me . . . a daughter I never knew I had. A daughter who belonged to me and would now be raised as a Capitani, whether her mother is in the picture, or not.

Lorelai is still feisty, stubborn, and rebellious, and after so long without a woman, I greet her with an angry, hate filled kiss. But once I feel her lush curves beneath me, all I want is to claim her once again. I tell myself the craving is temporary, that once I have my fill of her I’ll sever our ties and keep my daughter with me. . . but I’ve underestimated just how much of a hold this woman still has over me.

The plan should have been simple, until my daughter is kidnapped and held hostage – my life, for hers.

Nobody messes with what is mine.

This means war, and I will destroy anyone who dares to threaten my family.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Art of Falling for You

by Maya Hughes

Dare is a football god with a vengeful temper to match. He’s been known to break more than a few things. Girls hearts. Car windshields. Rivals’ faces. He’s the kind of guy her dad warned her about. Bay’s determined to steer clear, but Dare has other plans. He needs to know why she hates him and he needs to show her how good they can be together.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


Playing It Close

by Kat Latham

Professional rugby player Liam Callaghan needs time out of the spotlight. Vacationing incognito in Venezuela protects his identity. It does nothing to protect his heart when he meets Tess Chambers, who has secrets of her own.

Impulse control has never been Tess’ strong suit. A professional disaster has made her a tabloid target. She escapes to an eco-lodge on Venezuela’s Caribbean coast to let things cool off. Instead, the steamy nights lead to a steamy one-night stand. Though he’s lied about his name—and so has she—Tess knows exactly who her lover is. It’s impossible not to recognize the sexy London Legends captain when she’s a huge fan.

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Category: Sports Romance


My Accidental First Date

by Casey Morales

I was home, alone on a Saturday . . .

. . . boredom is dangerous.

Then my roommate’s friend called. We’d never met. He was bored, too.

That one day opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed. I never knew it could feel so . . .

You’ll love this story because everyone wants to feel that way again.

Get it now!

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Category: LGBT Romance


Getting Cozy with the Inn Keeper

by Jessa Joy

A curvy city girl gets cozy in a small town with the gorgeous innkeeper in this short, steamy, instalove romance!

I’ve inherited an inn in the middle of nowhere, AKA Snowflake Falls.
I’m a city girl and miles out of my comfort zone.
Then Finley shows up and I put on a front.
He’s gorgeous and he really knows what to do with his hands.
But am I ready to trust him so easily?

I’ve travelled all around the world.
I’m good at making everything run smoothly.
But I really didn’t expect to find a woman like Kristen out here.
She’s curvy, beautiful and I can’t stop thinking about her.
I want to tell her my secret but she’s making me work hard.

This April, the men of Pink Collar Temp Agency are ready to get down to business.

Whether you need help scrambling your eggs, pruning your bush, polishing the family jewels, or rubbing down your walls, we have the perfect man for the job.

Our twelve, highly skilled men are good with their hands and eagerly waiting to cater to your every desire.

Pink Collar Temp Agency is a multi-author series full of steamy instalove short stories with hot men and curvy lady bosses.

Stranded with the Tour Guide by Fern Fraser
Getting Handsy with the Manicurist by Kat Baxter
An Arrangement with the Florist by Brynn Hale
Playing House with the Nanny by Piper Cook
Digging Deep with the Gardener by Violet Rae
Checking Out the Librarian by Elsie James
Simmering with the Sous Chef by Matilda Martel
Aching for the Physical Therapist by Carly Keene
Getting Cozy with the Innkeeper by Jessa Joy
Pillow Fight with the Decorator by Kameron Claire
Imposing on the Yoga Instructor by Lynn Sherry
Bedazzling the Jeweler by Ember Davis

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Category: Romantic Comedy


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