An Indecent Marriage

by Mia Moore

Their marriage changed because of a movie…
For thirteen years Tina and Ken have led a comfortable and steady life. It’s been great; college sweethearts, upward careers, good friends and a nice house. It’s been great. Really. Honest.
But if that’s really true, why did that movie on Friday night turn everything on its ear? How did watching a steamy romance for two hours turn the button downed Tina into a filthy mouthed vixen?
Tina is so… self conscious about it the next day. She’s not really like that, especially if she’s sober! But the harder she tries to put that episode out of her mind, the more it pops up in her head.
Ken’s just as smoked. And just as confused. Maybe some shock therapy’s in order?
Uh oh… maybe not such a good idea…
But then again…

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Single Girl Rules #BFF

by Ivy Smoak

When a billionaire heiress stumbles upon the Single Girl Rules, her life is changed for the sexier.

The Single Girl Rules are not your normal boring girl code rules. And the way Chastity discovered them was epic. She was trying to ditch her two hot bodyguards and it became a whole scandalous thing. All the best stories start with scandal…

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Pregnant with the Wrong Man

by Kelly Myers

It was a ruse… not love.
So why do I feel heartbroken over the man who is out to destroy my father?

I was asked to use Theo.
The head of the top security firm in Las Vegas.
He was after my father and I would do anything to protect my family.
Even if that meant pretending to be in love with the enemy.
But things took a turn for the worse when I found out I was pregnant.

Pregnant… and in love.

Theo didn’t know my secret.
He didn’t know that I wasn’t the woman of his dreams.
Instead, I was the woman that was out to get him.
But my intentions had changed.
Circumstances had too.

I was carrying his baby… along with a secret that could destroy us both.
Was I ready to put my cards on the table and come clean?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Miranda Liasson

Sparks fly between a grumpy single father and a compassionate lawyer in “a sweet, homespun romance that tugs at the heartstrings in all the right ways” (Entertainment Weekly). — A heartwarming and funny romance by bestselling author Miranda Liasson.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

You Were Always Mine

by Heather C. Adams

From an Amazon bestselling author…
This is the first installment in Blade and Avery’s story and can be read before book 1 if desired.

…I promised I’d only show her the friend she’s yearning for, but my heart will never stop aching for more.

I bite my lip to quiet the curse word I feel like yelling at myself. I had no other way. Being without her felt like death. I knew it was wrong the entire time. There was no other way though. I had no other way to see her, feel close to her, hear how her life was. It was worth it to do wrong, just to feel just the tiniest bit close to her again.

I’m not sure I wouldn’t do it again honestly. I’m not sure I could truly be sorry about doing it at all. I’d follow her to the depths of the earth just to have a glimpse of her. To see that she’s happy, taken care of…while I dream about more alone in my room.

I never meant to let it go that far, but the way her body folded into mine, needing me in every capacity that night set me on fire…and she’s been gone ever since.

It’s not for lack of trying. Believe me, I’ve tried to get her back. She won’t have anything to do with me. But after four years, I think I finally found the one thing that will bring her home.

The question is, can I convince her to stay? Convince her that we can be just friends again?

Now I just have to convince my heart to play along with that theory.

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Category: Erotic Romance

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