Forever to Love

by Sophia Paisley

Rio finds that when Gina’s around, things just don’t go as planned. He’s falling hard for her and is about to shred his no-dating policy when he discovers that Gina is keeping a secret from him that threatens his business. While his heart sways in one direction, his bruised ego runs in another. Between running a fragile startup business and finding the truth, Rio must make a hard decision. Could breaking all the rules and loving Gina be the best thing that ever happened to Rio? Or the worst?

“Nothing less than spectacular! Lots of good twists and a sweet romance wound into this story.” – M. Daniels, reviewer

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Hard Nox (Wild Scots, #1)

by Jolie Vines

Troublemaker Nox can’t get his best friend’s sister, Isobel, out of his head — and no matter how hard she tries to resist the wealthy bad boy, she can’t hit the brakes on their explosive chemistry. It’s a high-octane ride when the Highlander decides to make Isobel his…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Slow Grind

by Tory Baker


I love traveling. I’ve even made a lucrative career of it.
Traveling through Spring, Florida wasn’t on my radar.
But then again, neither was a vehicle accident.
Now I’m stranded with limited options.
I need help, but I never thought my hero would show up in coveralls, steel-toed boots and a smile that makes my knees weak, and my panties melt.


A beer in my hand while watching the waves roll in is where I find peace.
That’s the only plans I make during my downtime.
When a sexy red head with lips that promise heaven needs help, you better believe I’m going to be the one that steps up.
She needs help to get back on the road, but I have other plans.
The only place I want this beauty to travel is in my bed.

Tory is bringing you her addition to the Raining Men Collaboration and in this case, it’s not only raining men, it’s raining an over-the-top Alpha who instantly is obsessed once he meets the woman who is the answer to every fantasy he’s ever had. He’s not going to stop until he claims Serenity for his very own—and lucky us, we get to watch. As always prepare for a safe, insta-love tale with a rough around the edges Alpha, and steamy heat all tied up in a happily ever after bow.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Virgin & Broken Daddy: A Second Chance Romance

by Claire Angel

A broken heart and a broken promise…brought Adam and Siena into each other’s lives. He was reeling from a broken marriage, and she was hiding from a marriage proposal from hell.

Candice ripped out my heart, and stomped on it! How would I ever trust another woman again?
I dated, but the women were all beige.
When I was certain that all was lost, she dropped into my arms, literally, like a fallen angel.
I couldn’t live with myself if I left her there on the cold cement, vulnerable and possibly injured. Time to step up.
It would take some explaining to my twins, but the beautiful Italian Siena won them over with pizza and kindness.
Even my mother thought she was the bomb—not that I was a mama’s boy.

I had to get the hell out of Italy. What were my parents thinking? Did they secretly hate me? Promised to an old man, a pervert, no less, who made my skin crawl, I had no choice but to leave.
America was a new beginning for me. But life never takes you where you expect it to. The last thing I remembered before I hit the ground with a thud, was a mugger running off with my bag. My whole life was in that bloody bag.
Strange town, unfamiliar country, new continent no less. I found myself in all sorts of unhappy.
Then he saved me. He was strong, kind, sexy!

With so much baggage to unpack, would the two find love in an unexpected place, or would tragedy rip them apart? Only time would tell.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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