The Rescued Bride’s Savior

by Amelia Rose

He yearns for someone to love. But are the rugged mines of Montana any place for a bride from Back East? When the love blossoms in Montana’s Wild West, will it survive the frontier conflict?

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Category: Historical Romance

Unbound by Shadows

by Avalon Griffin

Selene has never been one to make a fuss. She doesn’t mind it when the barista gets her order wrong, someone cuts her off in traffic, or she has to drop everything to mediate her family’s latest crisis. But when she goes through a portal to the matriarchal dimension of Aurelia, she discovers that being nice doesn’t always pay. Especially when she meets a demon whose smoldering gaze makes her wonder why she ever craved a life so ordinary.
Samael is a vengeance demon with a drive to punish wrongs. Kidnapped from the Underworld and brought to Aurelia as a boy, his demonic tendencies make him an outcast in a realm he can’t escape. When he becomes Selene’s guardian on a quest for a stone that could send her home, he plots to sacrifice her and steal it for himself. But as they travel together, their attraction grows. Until one day, they each must choose between finding escape and surrendering to temptation.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Ladies on their Own: Governesses and Companions: A Regency Romance Boxset

by Rose Pearson

A brighter future for the governesses and companions in search of their happy ever afters. A six book sweet romance series!

Governesses and companions occupy a unique place in Regency family life. Not a servant, yet neither are they part of the family. There weren’t many jobs for gently bred young ladies and for those without means, becoming a governess or companion was the only option. This situation can be quite lonely. The stories in this series will tell the tales of ladies on their own working as governesses and companions and their happy ever afters.

More than a Companion – Miss Honora Gregory is sent to London to be her aunt’s companion, but she struggles with disappointment and loneliness. When her aunt gives her one evening to find a gentleman to court her, Honora knows to avoid the arrogant and selfish Lord Crampton. However, when trouble arises, Honora finds herself by Lord Crampton’s side. Will she help him, and will he see her as more than just a companion?

The Hidden Governess – A wealthy and arrogant Marquess reluctantly hires a governess for his nephew, only to find himself drawn to her. But the governess is hiding her true identity, and when danger looms, she must decide whether to trust him with her secrets or risk losing everything. Will the Marquess be able to protect her and find love in the process?

The Companion and the Earl – Jonathan, the handsome Earl of Havisham, returns to London hoping for another successful summer of attention and pleasure. But when Lady Havisham brings her quiet and dull companion, Miss Deborah Fullerton, with her, Jonathan is less than thrilled. Deborah finds him rude and selfish and mentions this to Lady Havisham.. Unaware that Jonathan has overheard her declaration, Deborah continues to act as a proper companion. However, when Jonathan falls into a trap, Deborah must save him without drawing too much attention. Will this unexpected adventure bring them closer together?

There are many hours of entertainment in this box set!

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Category: Historical Romance

The Billionaire’s Favor

by Rachel K Stone

You can say the drinks made me do it. I just slept with a man who is my boss…

If I am honest with myself, I should have seen it coming.
One night of weakness is all it took.
I had my life all planned out, and now I don’t.

CEO Devyn Meyers didn’t make it easy.
He was the alpha male at the company, and everyone knew it.
His reassuring tone and chiseled chest drew me in.

I was once his friend and now his prey.
He devoured me, and I enjoyed every minute of it.
More than once.

But now my life is in shambles.
My job is a mess.
And I only have myself to blame.

The Billionaire’s Favor is Friends to Lover’s romance that takes you on a drama-filled roller coaster of twists and turns between love, hate, temptation, and passion. Love is hard but worth fighting for, no matter the cost. The Billionaire’s Favor is a standalone novel with no cliffhangers.

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Category: Contemporary Romance