Once Upon A Time (Fairytale Collections)

by Demelza Carlton

A sword-wielding Cinderella. An enchanting Beauty. A villain who might not be so bad after all… Once upon a time, before the Brothers Grimm, when fairytales were romantic fantasies for entertaining adults and frightening children… Three twisted tales inspired by the classic fairytales…for adults who still love reading fairytales, though they’re a little darker now, making that happily ever after so much sweeter.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


The Safeguarded Heart

by Melanie A. Smith

Serafina Evans has learned the hard way to protect herself. But Alessandro Giordano, her charming and handsome Italian client, has pursued her for months. She’s starting to feel tempted to give in even though she knows better.
But as they get closer, she learns that Alessandro isn’t all that he seems. And there are plenty of other challenges Sera faces running her own real estate company, including mysterious attempts to sabotage her business — and her life.
Sera knows letting her guard down again could bring more than another heartbreak: it could spell disaster for everything she’s built. Will gambling on a mercurial relationship pay off, or will it leave her hurt and closed off from love forever? Or will she even survive long enough to find out?
Note: Books One through Three in this series are meant to be read in order.

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Category: Erotic Romance


Desiring His Dating Coach: A Sweet Romantic Comedy

by Kristin Canary

Rule Number 1 of being a dating coach? Don’t fall for your client. It’s as simple as that—or is it?
I like rules. Rules keep me in control.
Most importantly, rules keep my heart safe.
But when I suddenly find myself out of a job and blackballed by my Wicked Ex-Boss, the rules of the game change—and now I’m opening shop as a dating coach.
Local coffee shop barista Josh Gregory agrees to be my guinea pig, and I jump at the chance to help him land the woman of his dreams.
But as Josh and I work together to “improve” his dating game, I start to wish that woman was … me.
Because I can’t help but be drawn to those mysterious blue eyes of his, his quiet wit, and the kindness and patience he offers me over and over again.
And fine, the way he looks without a shirt on isn’t bad either …
But I’ve got a job to do, a business to run. There are rules to follow. Or are some rules just begging to be broken?

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Stolen by the Fae

by Laxmi Hariharan

Mine to protect. Mine to cherish. She is MINE!

I’m a trained assassin. Enlisted by the Fae Corps and instructed to kill, there is no place in my life for a fated mate.
Then Gia crashes into my life.
When she takes the hit meant for my target, I cannot let her die.
So I mate her against her will…

Standalone book 1 in the Fae’s Claim Series.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Keys (Rebel Saints MC, Cutover Chapter, Motorcycle Club Book 1)

by Lily J. Adams

The new chapter of the Rebel Saints in Cutover gives us a fresh start.
A chance to leave the problems and violence of our past behind us.

Getting pulled into a mob war is the last thing we anticipate.
But when the Mancini family hires our army trained muscle for protection, it’s a job offer we can’t refuse.

Making legitimate money and a name for ourselves is top priority.
Until the feisty investigative reporter shows up on our doorstep, running for her life.

Someone wants her dead and isn’t afraid to take a shot.
She dodged one attempt, but she may not survive another without my help.

Angie has pissed off a lot of people, giving any number of them motive.

Loyalties and hearts will be tested.
And when the final standoff occurs, there’s no telling who will remain standing.

Keys is a standalone MC romance with alpha male bikers who will do everything and anything to protect the women they love. Keys is Book One of the Rebel Saints MC series (Cutover Chapter) with HEAs that will have you begging for more!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


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