Make Believe

by Ariella Talix

After a tragedy nearly ruins her, Lily Drummond moves to Indiana to make a new start for herself.

Once she is settled into the lovely bungalow she found on Craigslist, she heads to the dog park where she meets tall, ridiculously handsome Finn Reilly.

Their chemistry is combustible.

Finn commits to repairing Lily’s broken heart, but it’s not all that easy.

There is a matter of Lily’s roommate and her strange behavior. Just how far will she go to ruin everything?

*Warning*: possible triggers, bad language, and hot, steamy, sexy scenes.

There is plenty of suspense, humor, and romance, but how much is real, and how much is make-believe?

Make Believe is Book One in The Drummonds two-book series. It is not a cliffhanger and has a guaranteed HEA, but the family’s story continues with Book Two, The Designer.

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Category: Erotic Romance

The Designer

by Ariella Talix

Incredibly talented Amelia Hernandez travels to Paris after winning an award. But when she arrives to work at a famous couture house, Amelia suspects that she may possibly be the prize for someone else.

Amelia’s boyfriend David Drummond is busy with his own burgeoning career, but he cannot stay away from his Amelia for long. Time will tell whether David’s poor history with women will repeat itself.

In a story that will pull on your heartstrings, David also discovers truths about his family he never imagined.

Set in the city of great art, sensuality and fantastic beauty, their journey will expose them to many delights as well as awful treachery.

This novel is a stand-alone, but many references back to Make Believe: The Drummonds Book One will make you wish you’d read Make Believe first.

Warning! Explicit sex. MF and MMF scenes are appropriate for 18+ readers only.

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Bear Necessities: BBW/Bearshifter Romance (Bear Fursuits Book 1)

by Isadora Montrose

For fans of Harmony Raines & Milly Taiden. Angry she-bear wants to keep baby but ditch lying bad boy dad. Possessive bear shifter Jack’s been AWOL for years. Now this alpha male Marine needs to get past his curvy fated mate’s grief to earn a second chance at her heart. Laughter, longing, & fierce loving blend with adventure & suspense in this military PNR page-turner.

Hannah: Not. One. Word. His silence broke my heart and changed me forever. If he really loved me he wouldn’t have simply disappeared. Jack’s back, talking of second chances, but he just wants my baby. His family says he’s worth forgiving, but…

Jack: Marines never surrender. Never retreat. Hannah’s mine. My mate. That gal’s my one true love. Good thing my clan has my stubborn she-bear stashed at home. But what’s this bearshift about us sleeping apart?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Heir

by V. K. Ludwig

20 years ago, a clansman killed her father and turned her life upside down. Now another stepped into her life to turn it inside out.

Assigned as a mediator during negotiations with the Clan of the Woodlands, Ayanna wants to be anything but helpful. Sure, that guy was the heir to a chieftain and tolerably handsome for a clansman, but that doesn’t stop her from calling him out as what he is: a savage.

After all, everyone knows how the Clans struggle to keep their few women safe after a chemical accident has wiped out most of the female population. Ayanna has no doubt Nix is as dangerous as the rest of them, no matter how protective he might act around her.

Nix knows he can’t trust himself around that female the council of the Districts has assigned him. Being close to something as rare as a woman required honor and a functioning set of morals – he was doomed from birth to have neither.

But the young clansman has a mission: bring about a merge between the Districts and his Clan. That water the Districts are drinking to suppress immoral needs in men and women alike? Yeah, that had to go. But negotiating with the council won’t be the hardest part of this mission. He has to ignore whatever Ayanna stirs inside him, or risk finding out just how deep that darkness inside him reaches.

The Heir is the full-length prequel of V. K. Ludwig’s dystopian romance series Clan of the Woodlands. Best read in order, this series features steamy romance, strong men, laughs, and characters bleeding from their pages.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

How I Tamed A Hood Boss

by Tia Miller

Tasha’s club, her rules. Adrien can stop selling or get out. Except she’s in love with him.
Adrien messed up, now Tasha’s life is on the line. He’s got one chance to fix this. Can they make it out of the hood with their lives and hearts still intact?

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Category: Urban Romance

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