Submitting to the Marquess

by EM Brown

The Marquess of Alastair is trying to be a gentleman for a change, but she won’t take ‘no’ for an answer!

Respectable Mildred craves one night of pleasure before she enters a loveless marriage. But when she arrives at the Château Debauchery, the devilishly handsome Marquess of Alastair seems determined to protect her dignity…

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Category: Erotic Romance



by Artemis Anders

Can a hookup with a hot Army man turn into the real thing? Or just wind up shattering your heart for good?

Teagan has sworn off men.

And why shouldn’t she, after getting her heart shredded by her cheating ex? Now, she only wants to enjoy summertime in the Colorado mountains and build her fledgling career as an author. But when a friend’s party means facing her ex and the woman he left her for, Teagan skips town and heads to the scorching heat of Arizona.

She never expects to meet Aaron, an Army Major who’s smoking hot… and also coming off a divorce. He’s so not her type, but he gives her two days and one sizzling night to remember.

When Teagan returns to Colorado and her man-free existence, Aaron keeps finding excuses to see her and inch his way into her heart. But when Aaron’s past finds them, it threatens to shatter their connection… and break Teagan’s heart for good.

If you love steamy romance with heart-stopping twists and an HEA, you’ll love Afterglow.

Afterglow is a standalone novel in the Four Corners series.

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Category: Military Romance


Want You Back

by Lulu Pratt

He text dumped me, now I have to pretend to be in love with him or lose my job

I never thought I’d see Jacob again after he texted those seven words: I’m leaving, we can’t be together anymore.
I’ve spent the last two years staring at that message, hearing his gravelly voice loud and clear in my head as I read the words over and over.
We were supposed to be forever, instead he’s forever frozen my heart.
It’s been rough but at least my career is going great.
Or at least it was until I accidentally posted a vibrator video to my company’s Instagram account.
They failed to see the funny side.
Now I have one shot to smooth things over with my boss – pretend to be in a relationship with a stranger for the weekend to impress a potential new client.
Except it turns out it isn’t a stranger after all, it’s Jacob.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Rake Who Rescued Me

by Samantha Holt

Reed Valentine, Duke of Keswick has accidentally bought himself a gypsy girl… To prevent tensions igniting between the British and French, Reed and Orelia must work together, but the more time spent together, the harder it becomes to understand—why can’t a duke and a poor gypsy girl be together?

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Category: Historical Romance


One True Mate 9

by Lisa Ladew

Troy was a man trapped in a wolf’s body for three decades, until a nap changed his life forever. Now that he’s a wolf trapped in a man’s body, he’s not going back. Food? Good. Partying? Better. Women? Best.

Until he sees her.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


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