Backstage Billionaires

by Marie Carnay

Grab this bestselling serial in a complete, novel-sized package.

Two sexy billionaires, one curvy singer, and all the glitter of Los Angeles. This threesome hits all the right notes.

Alec and I run one of the hottest record labels in Los Angeles. We snap our fingers and throngs of hopefuls throw themselves at our feet. But I vowed to never go down that road again. Until her. Endless curves. Velvet voice. I want her body pinned to the bed, her name signed on the dotted line. Could she be the one to make it last? To be ours forever?

One night of reckless abandon–me, two delicious men, and the biggest bed I’ve ever seen. That’s all it should have been. When they give me an offer I’ve been dreaming about my whole life…I’m torn. I want to be a star. To have my name in lights at the biggest venues in L.A. But how can I chase my dream and give two men my heart?

Complete three-part ménage serial full of steamy scenes featuring two sinful billionaires and one curvy woman. Intended for adult audiences only.

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance



For Love of the Duke

by Christi Caldwell

After the tragic death of his wife, Jasper, the 8th Duke of Bainbridge buried himself away in the dark cold walls of his home, Castle Blackwood. When he’s coaxed out of his self-imposed exile to attend the amusements of the Frost Fair, his life is irrevocably changed by his fateful meeting with Lady Katherine Adamson.

With her tight brown ringlets and silly white-ruffled gowns, Lady Katherine Adamson has found her dance card empty for two Seasons. After her father’s passing, Katherine learned the unreliability of men, and is determined to depend on no one, except herself. Until she meets Jasper…

In a desperate bid to avoid a match arranged by her family, Katherine makes the Duke of Bainbridge a shocking proposition—one that he accepts.

Only, as Katherine begins to love Jasper, she finds the arrangement agreed upon is not enough. And Jasper is left to decide if protecting his heart is more important than fighting for Katherine’s love.

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Category: Historical Romance



That Fatal Kiss

by Mina Lobo

When it comes to love, sometimes you have to cross the line…

Feared by mortals for his inexorable power, and loathed by his fellow Greek gods for the same, Hades rules the Underworld alone. A stark eternity looms before him until he discovers Persephone. Struck by the youthful goddess’ beauty, kindness, and spirit, he must have her. But Hades believes Persephone could never love him, and so he conspires with his powerful brother, Zeus, to take her by force.

Persephone too seeks a mate but her possessive mother, the goddess Demeter, frustrates her husband hunting. Then Hades abducts Persephone, tearing her away from the Upperworld she loves to reign with him in the dank depths below. Though outraged, Persephone cannot deny the desire ignited within her by the dark lord’s touch. And even as she hopes that Demeter will unearth her, Persephone aches to surrender to the heat in Hades’ immortal soul.

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Category: Paranormal Romance



Over You

by Christine Kersey

Enjoy this sweet romantic suspense by bestselling author Christine Kersey.

When Jessica Stevens temporarily moves in with her elderly aunt to help care for her, she plans to use the time to heal from a recent break-up. But when her aunt decides to do some remodeling on the old house, Jessica is dismayed to discover that the contractor is her ex-fiancé, a man who dumped her several years before.

Helping distract her from her troubles are mysterious fifty-year-old letters she finds in her aunt’s attic. The contents of the letters spur Jessica to do some digging, but as the truth of the past begins to be revealed, Jessica regrets ever finding the letters.

Over You is a sweet, clean new adult romance.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


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