The Music of Us

by Uvi Poznansky

In 1970, Lenny can no longer deny that his wife is undergoing a profound change. Despite her relatively young age, her mind succumbs to forgetfulness. Now, he goes as far back as the moment he met Natasha during WWII, when he was a soldier and she—a star, brilliant yet illusive. Natasha was a riddle to him then, and to this day, with all the changes she has gone through, she still is.

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Category: Historical Romance


No Saint

by Rie Warren

With a rap sheet as long as the inked sleeves on my arms, I’ve finally found a home with Blood Legion MC. Through thick and thin, brawls and bloodletting, I’ve created a rep: I’m the man.

I’m the man, and Honoré’s the only woman I want. The beautiful street busker takes my breath away from the first moment I see her—all untapped passion simmering just beneath the surface. Something darker simmers just beneath the surface of her life too.

Being someone’s old lady is the last thing on my mind. Been there, done that, along with the random ink and riding bitch on some guy’s bike. I can’t spare time for a surly biker who has rattled my last nerve in a sexy, delicious way.

I want to hate Saint and everything he stands for, but he’s ridiculously hot and annoyingly persistent. When he brings danger to my door, it’s only a matter of time before my secrets spill over to rip us apart.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Pretending To Be Rich

by Weston Parker

It was against my will.
But family has a way of forcing you into tight spots, right?
My wealthy father wanted me at his swanky benefit and refused to budge.
Luckily for me, the most beautiful curvy woman happened to come too.
Only one problem: she thinks I’m rich too.
No way in hell I can tell her the truth.
Women like men that can deck them out in jewels, and that ain’t me.
I don’t share in the family inheritance, not yet at least.
Hard work is all I know. It’s who I am.
But will she understand that if the truth comes to light?
I’m just a normal guy in love with a woman far above my paygrade.
And she’s going to freak when she finds out I’ve been pretending to be rich.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Making Of A KING

by N.M. Catalano

“Dark, dramatic, suspenseful, intense and full of twists,” Gladys, Goodreads Reviewer
“If I could give it ten stars I would.” Carmen, Goodreads Reviewer
“This book will take you on a journey you will never expect and you will love every twist and every turn.” Jamie, Goodreads Reviewer
“Intense story,” Pauline, Passionate About Books Blog
“One of this years must read books,” Autumn, Goodreads Reviewer

Her first mistake was she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Her second mistake was she didn’t listen.
I’d warned her. I’d told her I was going to take everything from her.
I did. Things she could only give once.
All of it was mine.
She belonged to me the instant I saw her.
She was a good girl.
Too bad I was going to ruin her.

This isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a story about a boy who made himself king, and his obsession.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Harmless Series Box Set

by Meli Raine

“Four years ago, presidential candidate’s daughter Lindsay thought Drew betrayed her, but now he’s back to prove himself. Will she let him?
The Harmless Series Boxed Set includes: Harmless Little Game, A Harmless Little Ruse, and A Harmless Little Plan. It is the complete trilogy.
If you like taut psychological suspense, a dash of political thriller and second chance romances where there seems to be no way the redeem the main characters – but there is! – then this is your series.”

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