Breaking Rules: A Billionaire & Virgin Romance

by Mia Ford

I had saved my v- card for the right man….
I knew who it would be
He has mesmerized me with his looks,
Intoxicated me with his taste.
I know it is forbidden,
And can’t do a thing about it.
It’s so hard to fight my feelings,
And then…
He makes me pregnant!
What do I do now?
Should I tell the world and my dad, in spite of the age-difference….
In spite of the fact that he is Daddy’s Best Friend and that I am BREAKING ALL RULES to get him!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Touching Sin

by J. Saman

I know she’s lying the moment I see her.
That her name is as fake as her story. She’s barged into my life like a beautiful nightmare, turning everything upside down.
It hasn’t stopped me from trying to help her. Protect her. Save her from the threats that seem to come out of nowhere.
She’s put my entire world at risk. My reputation. My business. My livelihood.
But Mia brought me back to life. And I will do anything to save hers.

I was running for my life the night I met Jake.
Broken down on the road to nowhere. Lost. Homeless. Scared out of my mind.
I don’t care. I’m willing to risk it all to start over. Desperate to hide and never be found again.
But it doesn’t take much for Jake to break down my defenses. A soft word. A gentle touch. He becomes mine, but more importantly, I become his.
Until the nightmare of my past shows up, pissed off as hell…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Gridiron Kink

by Ann Jacobs

The Savannah Rebels play hard on the field, harder during the hours after the game is done.
GRIDIRON KINK brings you four Rebels players and the women who indulge their needs for kink, whether it be for dominance or submission, along with lifelong love and support.

Hot, blond tight end, Jack Winters, dominates on the field, but once the game is over, his beautiful wife, Tawny, owns the key–literally as well as figuratively.

Jimmy Bronson, the Rebels’ hulking defensive end, is a dom with a secret fetish. Fortunately, he learns the woman of his dreams exists–and that she shares his need to bare all.

Wide receiver Sid Cassidy has watched helplessly while the sub of his dreams is abused by a cruel master, but when she comes to him, broken and bruised, he must heal her body before he can begin to show her he can be a gentle, loving master who binds her with beautiful, rope designs.

Tough linebacker Matt Rubin’s a 24/7 slave to his Keisha, until circumstances force a switch. It’s difficult for them both, but their love is strong enough to weather the storm.

Four compelling stories of doms and subs, the games they play, and the love that thrives amidst thorns, but also roses.

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Category: BDSM

The Wyld

by Parker de Vesci

Three deadly immortal warriors. Their empress reincarnate. A prince who will stop at nothing to keep her from her Realm.

Orphaned and alone, Alex has lived her life on the streets, avoiding the unwanted attentions of the drug dealer who offered her his protection. She has no idea that another world awaits her, a chaotic Realm of impossible wonders.

Sage, Silver, and Ice have spent a lifetime roaming the earth in their beastforms while awaiting the return of their beloved empress. Only her reincarnation can free them. But others are searching for her, too. She is being hunted down by her mortal enemy, a prince who has sought to destroy her since the beginning of time.

Alex is defenseless. Even the Realm that awaits her is laden with dark secrets. To secure her throne, her warriors will be required to sacrifice. Will their love for her be strong enough to make them turn on one of their own?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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