His Hostage

by Anna Adler

Hal was supposed to hold Evelyn hostage only until he was sure of his escape…but after things turn steamy between the kidnapper and his victim, will he ever want to release her?

“I made the mistake of starting His Hostage late at night. I couldn’t put it down, so I went to bed much later than I had intended.” – Pointedly Blunt Reviews

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Category: Erotic Romance

Blood Threads

by Noella Royce

I’m a former cosplayer and personal assistant with no fighting skills to speak of, wearing a ball gown for a battle with a bunch of powerful mages who specialize in raising the undead.

My allies are vampires, witches, and shifters, and I’m hoping the lone wolf bloodsucker I’ve fallen for shows up to save the day.
How the hell did I get here?

I’ve just moved to a northeastern college town looking to escape my explosive past in LA. I just want to be normal and anonymous.
But before I can even settle in I’m witnessing a creepy kidnapping by hooded figures and clashing with this hot dude, Adin, who sometimes wears Victorian clothing without irony. Adin scares the bejeesus out of everyone but keeps showing up in my general vicinity, mostly at night. Yes, it’s great when he saves my butt from more of those hooded weirdos, and he’s stupidly attractive and kissable, but I’d really like to know what’s going on.

And when my coworkers talk about ‘daywalkers’, ‘shifters’, and something about ‘magic sewing’ I just think they’re nuts. Except, wait, I seem to have the ability to create sentient clothes that repels magic. Everyone wants a piece of me, and I don’t even know what I am.
Why did I leave my lucrative cosplay and social media life behind? I can’t even get a cup of tea in this place without getting threatened by witches.

Maybe I should have stayed in LA. At this rate, Maywen’s going to kill me.

Blood Threads is a 90k paranormal romance and urban fantasy and the first in a three book series. Includes vampires, witches, necromancers, shifters, and talking bodies of water. Steamy situations, no cheating and a healthy dose of humor.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Risk

by Mia Ford

I’ve lost my goddamn mind.
I slept with my best friend’s brother.
This has to stop. Now. Except I’m hooked.

I wanted a fresh start for college. New town, new people. Right?
My new best friend made me part of her family.
I’ve never felt so welcome.

Then I met Logan. Her brother.

Playboy reputation. Star player. Gorgeous everything.
His sky blue eyes locked on mine and shot a love-struck bullet right into me.
I was so totally screwed.

If my best friend finds out, I’ll be on her naughty list for good.
So she can’t find out.
Except now I’m pregnant.

Time to run.

I never thought I’d see Logan again,
But there he is on the city street.
I know I should tell him the truth, but I just can’t.

It’s too late for us. We missed our chance.
Do we really deserve a second one?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

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