Obsessed with Me

by Eve Rabi

Tarago Jakobus was used to women throwing themselves at him. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he was a billionaire and easy on the eye. So, when Tanin, a young waitress in one of his restaurants rejects him, he is shocked, then fascinated – no woman has ever turned him down before. What a worthy opponent! His fascination soon turns into obsession.
He decides to win her over his way – destroy all that is precious to her, so that she would have no choice but to need him. Then he will fix everything for her, become her hero and make her his. His plan works – he strips her of everything, forcing her into marrying him. Game over. Tarago has won! That’s what he thinks.
Having little choice, Tanin plays along, then quietly puts a hit out on her billionaire husband. Trouble is, the more time she spends with Tarago, the less she hates him, and … the hit cannot be cancelled.

$2.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Multicultural Romance

His Obsession

by Violet Noir


I’ve never been anything but a man’s property.
First my father, then others.
I exist for everyone else’s pleasure but my own.
This is my life.
Loveless. Broken.
Only death will free me from my bonds.
But then a monster steals me from my captor.
At first, I think Kade’s like all the others… but he’s different.
He wants more than just my body—he wants my soul.


She’s damaged in a way I’ll never understand.
She thinks she’s ready to die, but I won’t let her.
I want to corrupt her. Claim her. Make her feel again.
I keep her in a cage not unlike the one I took her from.
I’ll make her scream with pleasure, and with pain.
On her knees, I’ll make her submit.
No one will take her from me.
Because she’s mine.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

Naked Yoga

by Victoria Rush

When bored housewife Jade seeks to broaden her horizons, she discovers a naked yoga club where members stretch and explore each other’s bodies in the buff. She books an appointment, and during the first session meets a young redhead who tantalizes her with her flexibility and stunning body.

They agree to meet again with hopes of expanding their interaction at the next, higher level class. This time, they’re thrilled when the instructor guides them through increasingly intimate partnered poses.

During the final advanced class, Jade is shocked but exhilarated when the instructor introduces new positions that brings them even closer together. Join Jade as she discovers a new side to her sensuality and rises to new heights of pleasure…

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Erotica

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