Married to an Alaskan Man

by Evangeline Kelly

Callie lives a socially isolated life in New York City with two jobs that leave no time for dating. After meeting her neighbor’s son, Derek, she falls hard but knows he is out of her league. Derek loves his simple life in the wilderness and is ready to settle down and have a family if only he comes across the right woman. Callie’s kindness makes her stand out, and he believes she will make a great wife. Derek proposes a modern-day marriage of convenience, and Callie accepts with the hope of his love growing after they marry. But once they arrive at Derek’s homestead, she finds that off-the-grid living is not for the faint of heart. When his initial interest in her is called into question, her biggest fear comes true. He wants a wife and a commitment, but what about love? Will she stay and make the marriage work, or will she realize that sometimes, two people aren’t meant to be?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Cache, Cache

by Peggy A. Edelheit

Sarah’s life is upended when her husband whispers on his deathbed, “My death frees us both, Butterfly. Caché, caché…” David’s voice was low, a mere whisper, then he covertly slips her a gold key. A key? At the funeral, a mysterious note—You don’t know the whole truth, is slipped into her pocket. How should she react to such unexpectedness? With three clues, Sarah, a mystery author, journals her past to solve this, only to end up more confused and filled with heartbreaking regrets. Can Sarah forgive, move on, and accept the past after she finally discovers the truth? Does she want to know the truth?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Forever Daddies

by Victoria Snow

A Delicious Buffet of Hot Daddies!
Five sinfully hot older men, oh-so-alpha and protective of their special ladies.
Each book in this bestseller box set is a full length 80,000 words standalone novel with a very satisfying HEA. Make sure you bring your favorite cold beverage, you are gonna need it.

Books Included in this box set:
1. Baby Daddy
2. The Ex’s Daddy
3. Best Friend’s Daddy
4. Sugar Daddy
5. Next Door Daddy

Download your copy now to get lost into this delicious blend of daddy hotness.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Men of the Year

by Colleen McMillan

Cassie doesn’t want your pity. She doesn’t want your sympathy. And she certainly doesn’t want to date you.

When perpetually single Cassie McTiernan agrees to her friends’ online dating scheme, she thinks she’ll go on maybe two dates then bail before things get uncomfortable. She’s turning 30; might as well give it a shot, right? Little does she know that they’ve devised a contract, binding her to date one man per month for one year. Sure, if she finds Mr. Right she doesn’t have to complete their challenge. How hard could dating be?

Jumping through an increasingly long list of hoops, Cassie realizes that she might have to endure the entire torturous year with twelve strange men beside her. What could go wrong? Why does her first date need two cellphones? And is the man who broke her heart years before lurking behind that shadowy bush?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

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