Close Liaisons

by Anna Zaires

For college student Mia Stalis, the invaders—the beautiful, mysterious Krinar—are only stories on the news. Rumors about them abound: about their impossible strength and speed, their intentions toward Earth… their vampiric tendencies. None of it concerns her, though—until she catches Korum’s eye.

Powerful and terrifyingly seductive, the Krinar leader will stop at nothing to possess her. Helplessly drawn to her magnetic captor, Mia is plunged into the dangerous, secretive world of the Ks and forced to choose between truth and lies, her people and her lover… her freedom and her heart.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Gone with the Nerd

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Entertainment lawyer Flynn Granger is A-lister Zoe Tarleton’s choice to prepare her for a coveted role as a nerdy genius. But their intimate study sessions in a remote cabin are interrupted by eerie noises and dangerous mishaps. A stalker? Bigfoot? Something’s out there. Will Flynn abandon his nerd persona and become the hero Zoe needs?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Werewolf in Manhattan

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

For paranormal romance author Emma Gavin, werewolves only existed between the pages of her novels. They were seductive heroes drawn from her imagination, not living, breathing creatures in the real world. And they certainly were not wealthy lords of industry like Aidan Wallace. And then the sexy Mr. Wallace sprouted fur.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Damaged: A Contemporary Romance Box-Set

by R.R. Banks

Fall in love with these five hard to tame billionaires. From a fierce mafia kingpin to a professor hot enough to melt the sun, these alphas are incredibly protective, possessive, and willing to do whatever it takes for the woman they love.

*Book 1 – Damaged*
I was alone on my mountain.
Till Charlotte came…
I saved her, but she can’t remember her past.
And I can’t forget mine.
Someone wants to harm her.
But he doesn’t know who he’s messing with.
I’ll protect her, no matter what.

*Book 2 – His Property*
The mafia made me what I am.
Men bow down to me. Women submit to me.
Harper was supposed to be collateral. Now she’s mine.
A strawberry blonde virgin with curves that could kill.
They want to sell her, but I already own her.
They said they’re coming for me.
I can lose my life. But I won’t lose her.
When I’m through with them, they’ll wish they were dead!

*Book 3 – Forbidden*
One kiss sealed her submission.
I marked her. Possessed her. Taught her.
She wants more, but I can’t give it.
The horrors of my past won’t allow it.
But now that she is carrying my baby…
Can I protect the two of them… or will I lose it all?

*Book 4 – The Wedding Proposal*
To inherit the company, I needed a baby. And a wife.
She needed money to save her mother.
I gave her a proposal. We made a contract.
She thinks our marriage has an expiration date.
But her sweet curves and innocence belong to me now.
Can we build the perfect future or will our past get in the way?

*Book 5 – Holiday Heat*
My family never celebrated the holidays. Not really.
Oh, we had Christmas and Thanksgiving.
But it was all for show. Work always came first.
Cristina showed me what I was missing.
Now, I’ll never let go of her or the joy she brings

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Wet Dream: An Erotic Adventure

by Victoria Rush

Ever since her recent transgender experience, Jade has been obsessed with cocks. But not just any cocks – ladyboy cocks. One night, as she falls asleep, she’s transported to an ancient Arabian kingdom filled with sorcerers and villains.

She finds herself wandering the desert and stumbles upon a mysterious cave. Inside, she finds a treasure trove of gleaming jewels and pottery. She picks up one of the vessels and dusts it off, and a genie emerges.

When he tells her that he will grant her any three wishes, she immediately asks to be bestowed with a man’s penis. Now endowed with both a man’s and a woman’s fully functioning equipment , Jade sets out on a journey of exploration, discovering all the fun ways she can use her ladyboy parts with an exciting menagerie of characters.

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Category: Erotica

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