Secrets Along the California Coast

by Sage Rae

She was just a pretty young thing at NYU Film School. Just another bright-eyed, beautiful girl wanting to make it big in the film industry, as if she had a chance.

Course, I was already a billionaire. Didn’t need the film, didn’t need the cash. At the time, didn’t know I needed her. And when I sped off to France, she headed to Los Angeles—ready to make her mark.

That was six years ago.

Imagine my surprise when I find out her new fiancé is Los Angeles’ greatest business asshole, the hotel owner Montgomery Wilton. We party together; even talk about getting into business together.

And before I knew he was Penny’s fiancé, we even hunted for women together.
But now, I know the truth. Caught him tearing into her, yelling at her till she couldn’t stop crying at a beach-side party in Santa Monica. This asshole, Montgomery.

I will end him. Instead of hunting women, I now hunt him.

And I’m not only after revenge.

No. I’m after her.

She was the love of my life.

And I can’t let her end up with someone as evil as him. Even if it destroys me.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Cassie Cole

Lexa Lewis turns to a one-night stand to blow of some steam after losing her job. Casimiro is the perfect man for the task: tall, handsome, and smiling like he knows exactly what Lexa’s thinking. By the time she follows him to the bathroom neither of them need to say a word to know what the other wants.

If only the affair ended there.

Never expecting to see him again, Lexa is shocked when Casimiro and his team of safety auditors show up at Blackrock Energy, the site of her new job. And when her boss suggests they rent the spare rooms in Lexa’s house, she has no choice but to agree rather than admit what had happened with the burly contractor. Now she has to resist the temptation of having four muscled, charming men walking around her condo.

But Casimiro and the others—Kai Mendelssohn, Tex Matthews, and Jason Padmore—aren’t just at Blackrock for a routine safety audit. They have other motives surrounding the huge drilling company, and it means not getting involved with anyone working there. Yet Casimiro can’t stop thinking about Lexa and the way she felt that night at the bar…

As Lexa discovers what their real mission is, she must choose between helping the men with whom she’s falling in love or remaining loyal to her new job. Will she decide which course of action is right, or will she lose both her job and her lovers in the process?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Mine Forever #1

by Weston Parker

I never gave a f#%k about my family’s billions.
Wrongly convicted for 10 years and she isn’t a girl any more.
She’s a woman. My woman.
I thought prison would undo me, but nothing could prepare me for the secret my girl held back from me.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Heat & Desire

by Kelli Callahan

The secrets from the past won’t stay hidden once they turn up the heat.

Five years ago I saw something I wasn’t meant to see.
A secret that teases my thoughts.
A fantasy that haunts my dreams.

Brody and Micah.
Best friends. Hot-as-sin.
They know how to put out a fire.
But what about the one burning inside me?

What will they do when they find out that I know their secret?

Falling for one of them is impossible.
Because they like to share.

Kelli’s Note: This is a full length standalone MFM Firefighter Romance that will set your panties on fire. As with all my books, you’ll get plenty of heat and a beautiful HEA!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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