by Tricia Barr

Tired of Hell, the Devil has escaped his prison and come to Earth to revel in the pleasures of the light, eventually becoming somewhat of a feared celebrity.

Felicity Claire has always sought out adventure and danger. As a journalist for the New York Times, she is working on breaking a big story about a viral weapon being manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. But her plans get derailed when she is assigned to interview the Devil himself. Lucifer turns the interview into a game of seduction, and Felicity gets pulled into a world that blurs the lines between lust and love, and between good and evil. Passion, thrills and danger ménage as this story of revenge and redemption unfolds. Can you resist the original bad boy?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Riding Lies

by Lilach Keren-Grupper

Three women fall in love with their bike riding instructor, and then they find out the truth.
Three powerful women find themselves trapped in a sexual web woven by their riding instructor and are swept into a tsunami of emotions. Koby the biking instructor, seduces them, reigniting a sensuality that has long died in them.
The women – very different yet similar, are all married with children, each very successful in their professions but fed up with their mundane lives.
Once they discover that their weekly escape was nothing more than a game, they get together.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Be With Us

by Brianna Skylark

It was supposed to be a one night stand. The fulfillment of an innocent couple’s secret foursome fantasy… A wild adventure into the world of swinging and debauchery at an exclusive and decadent masquerade ball. They never expected to fall in love…

Will opening up their perfect marriage be a step too far? Or will it be a journey of sexual awakening that will transform their lives forever…

A loving spouse, his faithful wife; the girl of her dreams, and her alpha husband.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Play With Us

by Brianna Skylark

Roll the dice. Pick a card. Choose your fantasy.

Husband and wife, Emilia and Cassian have invited their new friends, Mark and Amy over for dinner and a night of fun and games… with a very naughty twist.

After their first foray into the world of swinging, Emilia and Cassian, and newlyweds Amy and Mark are eager to get back together to explore their blossoming friendship. So when Emilia suggests dinner at their house, followed by a few boardgames, Amy knows exactly the one she wants to play.

Four players. Adults only. No limits. You can never have too much fourplay.

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by Bella Winters

My life is in danger, and my stepbrother is the only one who can save me.

Okay, he used to be my stepbrother.
Our parents are no longer together.
But that doesn’t make my secret crush acceptable.
It’s still wrong to want him.
And it’s still wrong to carry his baby.
Damn, my mother is going to be furious.
But he’s the only one who can find my stalker.
Peter heads a police station.
He’s vowed to put the culprit behind bars.
I need his protection.
And more than anything, I need to be in his arms.
Even if I have to fight with all the odds against us.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

My Husband Gets to Watch – Eight Stories of Hotwives and Cuckolds

by Raven Merlot

Raven Merlot loves cuckolding and she’s excited to share her obsession with you!

Inside this bundle are eight stories from the depths of her perverted imagination. In these stories wives who aren’t getting what they need from their husbands venture into a life of cuckoldry. From there they are free to get the sexual pleasure they need while their husbands look on in desperate approval.

These stories include couples who are desperate to get pregnant (but the husband can’t get the job done,) Tango lessons that chassé their way into the bedroom, a wife’s youthful job as a BBC pornstar come back to haunt her, and much more!

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Erotic Romance

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