Disaster in Love

by Liz Bower

Kimberly’s always taken the bitter with the sweet. White-knuckling her way through her disastrous first-ever flight, she figures if she’s going to die, at least the last face she sees is the handsome hunk in the neighbouring seat.

Dark-haired “Beck”, holds her hand until they’re safely on the ground…& then holds her through a night dreams are made of. But in the morning, she wakes up alone, more convinced than ever that the only dreams worth investing in are her own.

But that takes money, & the only way to earn enough to start her own cake company is working a bland agency temping job. One in an accounting firm where her new boss, Kyle, isn’t the only unpleasant surprise.

Even though Kyle’s eyes follow her everywhere, he’s all business…until Kimberly discovers a discrepancy in the books. Leaving her wondering if Kyle’s a man she can trust, or if she’s set herself up for a heartbreaking fall.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Loving Them (Wings of Artemis Book 5)

by Rebecca Royce

Saved from a life of suffering, Paloma Delacroix is determined to make the best life possible for herself, and for the four men she loves. Loving them is a challenge she never dreamed she’d be up for and one she refuses to fail. Before they can kickstart the life they all dream of, Thomas, Clay, Keith and Quinn McQueen will take Paloma back to Mars Station. They have the whole of the Sandler armada to defeat.

With the help of family, friends, and lost allies, they just might make it work…if they can survive their wedding day.

Content warning: Reverse Harem. Intense.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Autumn Hearts

by Roma Brooks

Autumn Hearts is the sweet romance that will warm your heart this Fall season.
Two couples in different stages of life but the challenges they face are similar. Can they overcome apathy and discover the true love their hearts are capable of?
Book 6 in the Cape Harriet series is a gentle romance with strong emotional undercurrents. There are pumpkins to be carved, pies to be eaten, corn mazes to be conquered and hay wagon rides to be experienced.
Autumn Hearts will stay in your heart long after the crisp Fall air turns into the first snow of the season.
* can be read as a standalone

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Private Lies

by Warren Adler

The romance novel that sparked an unprecedented Hollywood bidding war—receiving $1.2 million—the largest sum paid for an unpublished book at its time.

Ken Kramer and his wife, Maggie, appear to have a comfortable life and loving marriage. But their peaceful life is shattered when Ken is taken along on a business dinner and introduced to Maggie’s major client, Eliot, and his wife, Carol—who happens to be Ken’s old flame. Though Carol was once the love of his life and the object of his sexual obsession as a young man, the Carol he meets seems determined to not recognize him at the dinner table. Baffled by her non-recognition, he learns that she has totally reinvented herself and snagged a rich husband who has no knowledge of her real early life. As Maggie and Eliot grow closer, the love and sexual obsession between Ken and Carol rekindles—only for the plot to thicken as both couples embark on an African Safari with startling and tragic results.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

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