by Tuesday Embers

To break away from her overbearing brothers, Fallyn O’Keefe opens a bakery to show them she can do it on her own.

When Vince, the older, terrifying head from the enemy family shows up with flowers instead of his gun, Fallyn worries the fighting between her family and his will escalate from fists to firearms.

Caught between her family and the possibility of more, Fallyn must decide just how much she’s willing to sacrifice to keep her business, her secret love, and her life.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Lizabeth Scott

Creating dream homes,
That’s what I do.
As the country’s #1 home renovator,
I’m in high demand.

And when I encounter, April,
I know something’s off,
Nobody wants that crap property,
Unless they’re looking for something more,
Something free.

And I refuse to get burned again.
It’s happened one time too many.

But something about her,
The way she gives,
Devotes everything to everyone else,
Makes me second-guess myself.

After one touch, I’m sold,
Ready to build something,
With her,
For us,

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Black Hollow: Finding Her Fire (The Drakki Chronicles)

by Gracen Miller

Marked for death…

Ashe wanted more from life than a simple existence of sunbathing and luring seamen to their island to mate. The monotony of that scenario wasn’t for her, so once she left the haven of those sandy shores, she put all her effort into becoming a legend… a fable to be feared. The monster in the dark, the ghoul that’ll snap your neck before you feel her breath on your ear. She’s no saint and doesn’t want to be one. In fact, breathing fear into others is a powerful aphrodisiac.

…Tobias should’ve been an easy kill.

Tobias Drakki is the head of the Drakki empire, specializing in rare ice-blue diamonds. Everyone wants a cut of his diamond mine, but few know he’s crucial to its success. His word is law. His commands followed with swift speed. His wealth so large all of the Drakki family enjoys prosperity and he’s doesn’t doubt their loyalty. But with that type of fortune and power comes envy, greed, and enemies.

With his forehead in the crosshairs of her scope…

Tobias Drakki is as guilty as all her other hits, so when Ashe is offered millions to assassinate him, she takes the job. This assignment should be a piece of cake, in and out, no one will notice she was ever there. But getting too cocky is the first crack in an assassin’s foundation.

…renowned assassin Asherah Stone wavered.

Ashe didn’t count on the way he made her feel from two miles out, or that she would hesitate to take the killing shot. The glint of her lens alerts Tobias to her position. That one mistake cost Ashe her freedom. This time the payout may be more than she bargained for.

It’s a costly oversight.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Craved by the Dragon Warriors

by Ashley West

When three Dragon Warriors crash on Earth, Natasha is fascinated by them and not afraid. Interested in the woman, the three warriors take her along and they go on a journey of discovery and love.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

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