The Vogt House

by Quinn Slater

The Vogt House is looking for a new owner. Someone rich. Someone willing to explore and expand its fairytale existence in the town of Decadence. Cy Hall, the newest Powerball winner, a man with wicked dreams, and the money to make all his dreams come true takes a liking to Vogt House. But Vogt House has its own plans for Cy, plans that take him into the fairytales of his youth. Plans that include most of the people in his life. And a plan to turn him into a creature of the night. In Vogt House dreams, fairytales and nightmares do come true.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Taken by Werewolves

by Kestra Pingree

Claim the princess, rule the world.

Everyone is fighting for the legendary Lost Princess of Howling Sky because she has the power to end a timeless war between werewolves, vampires, and humans.

But she has her heart set on freedom and four misfit werewolves, each unique and powerful in his own right. Together, they’ll become unstoppable.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

A Spell for Death

by BC Palmer

Amelia Cresswin trades science for sorcery when she’s accepted to the mysterious Rosewilde Academy of Magical Arts. Magic is dangerous and she’s pretty sure it’s going to kill her—if the faculty doesn’t get her first. At least Amelia has Lucas, Isaac, and Hunter on her side even as they steal her heart.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Making Lemonade

by Muriel Ellis Pritchett

Missouri Rothman did not get the Tahiti vacation she dreamed of or the surprise birthday party she expected. Instead, a university student totaled her car, her boss gave her a letter of termination, and her professor husband of 32 years asked for a divorce so he could marry his post-doc student with the 18-inch waist and perky boobs.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Asking For A Friend Book 1

by Ali Parker

I always get what I want. Every time. But not with her.
Office romances are forbidden in my company.
There’s no way in hell she’s giving in. No matter what I try.
Her denial has me needing her like I’ve never needed anyone else.
Where this girl is concerned, I’m not asking for a friend.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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