Peaceful Pines

by Crystal Harper

Summer Phillips is ready for a fresh start. When her Manhattan yoga studio fails, she heads back to her hometown in the Pines, Vermont. There she finds Jake, a distraction she hadn’t expected. When an old friend comes visiting with an opportunity, Summer must make an important choice. Will she follow her dreams in business or love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Passion of Sleepy Hollow

by Lexi Post

Recluse Braeden Van Brunt is not happy to be the Headless Horseman…until he meets Katrina Van Tassel, owner of the Sleepy Hollow Inn, whose allure bewitches him from the front desk into the bedroom. When he discovers Kat and the village of Sleepy Hollow are cursed to exist only in the present day for one weekend a year, he realizes the sacrifice he must make if he wants to keep her.

Katrina Van Tassel lives between slivers of time. She thought she was through grieving her betrothed’s death, but her dreams flare to life when his mirror-image arrives requesting a room. Drawn to Braeden, she is taken to greater heights of intimacy than she ever imagined, but she can’t be sure if her heart is with him or with the love from her past.

Knowing he must conquer both time and ghosts to keep the only woman he’s ever loved, Braeden must put the past to rest. But the dead won’t rest in Sleepy Hollow.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Slye Temp romantic suspense box set

by Dianna Love

Running from a killer and avoiding law enforcement until she can prove her innocence, Angel Farentino stows away on a charter plane flown by Zane Jackson, who is working undercover for the DEA.

Josh Carrington, Slye Temp agent inserted into a DEA task force, suspects Trish Jackson and her brother of criminal activity, but he soon realizes she’s actually the target of a deadly threat.

Facing a murder conviction after being framed, Slye Temp operative Ryder Van Dyke has to team up Bianca Brady in a dangerous operation for a chance to prove his innocence, but the female FBI agent possesses damning evidence against him.

“It seems with each book, this series gets better…” The Reading Cafe

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Bitten Under the Moon: A Male/Male Halloween Vampire Shifter Romance

by Erik Evans

This beautiful young man holds the reincarnated soul of my one true love,
I must dominate him and make him mine.

He’s a young playwright, who unknowingly writes the story of our past,
I lost him then to violence and hate,
Now that I’ve found him again I will never let him go,
Even though he resists me.
I bewitch him, work magic on him and make him want me, need me,
And I will have him remember the vampire he once was.
He doesn’t recognize me now, but he will,
This Halloween, under the light of the full harvest moon,
I’ll turn my beloved, so we can hunt under the moonlight together.

Or will he discover my magic and drive me away before I have the chance to make him eternally mine?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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