The Prince’s Virgin

by Charlize Starr

I’m the heir to the throne.
According to custom, I have to pick my bride during a festival.
A festival where women compete for my attention.
Seriously, how outdated.
Besides, all I can think about is the girl I’ve been talking to online, anonymously.
The one who disclosed all of her dirty little secrets to me.
She just sent me a new message.
She’s been chosen for the festival.
She has to come.
It’s the law.
Now all I have to do is figure out which of my willing subjects she is.
You know what’s also the law?
She’ll have to spend two whole days and two whole nights with me. It’s the official trial period.
She’s never been touched before.
I’ll claim every inch of her body.
I’ll order her to carry out all of her dirty fantasies.
And then, once the two days are over, I’m gone.

But what if I don’t want to go? What if she’s the one leaving?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Spirits, Stilettos, and a Silver Bustier (Pyper Rayne Series, Book 1)

by Deanna Chase

All Pyper Rayne—medium and coffee shop owner—wanted was the perfect vintage dress. What she got was a dead shop owner and a sexy ghost who’s suddenly everywhere—at her shop, in her car, and even lounging in her bedroom. But he’s not just any ghost. He’s a witch and able to appear in solid form…sometimes. If only he’d stop disappearing on her.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


The Ruler – Men of the North #2

by Elin Peer

Four hundred years in the future, women control the world but Khan Aurelius, ruler of the last free men, is determined to take back the power that has been denied men for centuries. Outnumbered by far, he knows that women need to give up their power willingly and with one of their councilwomen as a hostage, he’s certain he can influence her with his superior male intellect. She is just a soft woman, after all.

Councilwoman Pearl has sacrificed herself to save an innocent priestess. Trapped in the Northlands, her soft voice and sugar-coated view of the world doesn’t impress Khan, who constantly challenges her by playing his mind games to corrupt her and see things his way. It’s a battle of words and wills when the two intelligent rulers clash. Will Pearl succeed in bringing enlightenment and democracy to the primitive Nmen or will Khan corrupt her with his charm first?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance



by Aleatha Romig

ONE WEEK- NO FUTURE- NO PAST…A chance meeting with off the chart chemistry allows Alexandria Collins to experience life like never before. Nox Demetri, a mysterious sexy alpha, is just the man for the job. What will happen when the week is over and real life intervenes? Will Alexandria, aka Charli, survive the betrayal? Book 1 of the Infidelity series: Is it really cheating if you’re doing it to yourself?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Serpent’s Touch

by Tansey Morgan

The day I stopped being the Hot Topic girl and became something else started as any other, but ended in the car of a devilishly handsome man whose net-worth was probably higher than the entire neighborhood I lived in. That, however, was only the start of the weird path I was about to set off on; a path that would take me to a place where reality collides with magic, where I find out everything I knew about the world I lived in was a lie, and where I’m the only woman present.

There are five of them – five of the most interesting, sexy, and probably dangerous men I have ever met. They live in a mansion protected by magic, and they tell me not only do they have supernatural abilities, that I have them too, and they’re here to help pull them out of me, but there’s a catch.

Supernaturals are being hunted down for the energy they possess, and if I’m not brought into the fold quickly, a fate worse than death awaits all of us. Not only is time running out, it’ll take everything I have in me just to stay alive; no matter how many men would put their lives on the line to protect me.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


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