Best Friend’s Lil Sis

by Katy Kaylee

I don’t care if she’s had kids since us – I’ve always wanted to be a dad.

She’s my best friend’s li’l sis – we’ll figure that out.

I’ve got money – but I can’t buy her.

I was her first – she was mine.

I want her to be my last.

Wait…is that even possible?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Coco Miller

Caution: the gangster in this love story is nobody’s hero.
Carmine is a ruthless Italian mob boss who’s notorious for seeking deadly vengeance.
It’s the motto he lives by.
A life for a life.
Jasmine is the beautiful daughter of the man who stole then ruined something that belonged to him.
She’s a beautiful virgin caught up in a world of jaded criminals.
The perfect target.
Until Carmine does something really stupid.
And falls for her.

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Category: Interracial Romance

BDSM Bedtime Erotica Bundle: 10 Explicit Stories of Dominance and Submission

by Alexandra Noir

These are ten of my hottest stories published in 2018, available in this one bundle collection.

These stories are inspired by events from my own kinky life and include Double-Dom scenes, kinky discipline, BDSM, and much, much more.

For some of the women in these stories, submitting to a man is what they’ve always wanted. For others, they didn’t know they needed it until it was already happening. No matter they ended up at their Masters’ feet, it is where they belong.

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Category: BDSM

The Costume Party: An Erotic Adventure

by Victoria Rush

When Jade’s best friend Hannah tells her they’ve been invited to the most exclusive party of the year, Jade is intrigued. But when Hannah explains that it’s going to be a nude costume party at billionaire Steve Bannon’s mansion, she gets even more excited.

As they begin to search for sexy costumes online, Jade becomes increasingly aroused thinking of all the fun she can have playing a different character. When she finally settles on the outfit she wants to wear, she decides to keep it a secret until they arrive at the estate.

When Jade finally reveals her provocative costume, she becomes the instant hit of the party. Men and women alike are drawn to her multi-functional disguise, and before long she’s enjoying erotic trysts with many of the powerful guests…

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Category: Erotica

The Halloween Treat

by K. M. Bishop

It was haunted.
It was passionate.
It was Halloween.

I met a hot stranger at a costume party.
He was exactly what I needed to get over a nasty breakup.
Our connection was sweeter than candy.
His fiery touch gave me all the right kind of goose bumps.
And then reality caught up with us.
It wasn’t just the night that was haunted.
Our pasts were too.
We were being held hostage by our secrets.
Could we battle the old scars and be true to each other?
Or were our demons going to get the better of us?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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