Small Town Hero

by Kim Koby

Small Town Hero is a sweet, clean romance that celebrates renewal.

Rebecca is saving herself for marriage. After a crushing betrayal, she spins out of control when she catches her fiancé and best friend in bed together. Grief-stricken and desperate, she finds herself stranded in Tennessee and forced to rely on the kindness of a stranger.

Ryan knows heartache. The only woman he loved walked away the day he proposed to her. He knew in that instant he’d never trust his heart to another. At least he has his dog to keep him company and a good job as a local firefighter.

When Rebecca ends up in Ryan’s path, they blend like oil and water. While he’s content with what life gives him, she escapes by seeking her identity in expensive things. Can two broken souls find salvation with their complete opposite?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Forbidden Puck

by June Winters

Ella Couture didn’t mean to save herself for this long. But success runs in the family and Ella, a fiery and self-made interior decorator, never wanted to settle for anything less than a quality man. Another breakup has her ready to reconsider, because this whole v-card business has gone on for way too long.

Rugged hockey star Radar might sleep around, but he knows to keep his distance when his teammate’s sister, Ella, comes to visit. The team has a rule about dating family members, after all: they’re strictly off-limits.

Ella isn’t the type of girl to sleep with her brother’s best friend. Radar isn’t the type of teammate who’d stab his best bud in the back. So why can’t they keep their hands off each other?

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Category: Sports Romance

Still Not Into You

by Nicole Snow

He pushes buttons I didn’t even know I had.
Fire to my ice. Walking mountain. Snarly, alpha, and achingly kind.
He’s the last man on earth I wanted in my life.
But I’m in so much trouble I need a protector.
What if Gabe freaking Barin is more than a gorgeous nuisance?
What if he’s the hero I never knew I’d need?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Night Creatures: Book 1

by Ebony Brightman

An elite Hollywood soiree. A cheating husband. A carnal encounter in the woods… It’s been a hell of a Friday, and the weekend has only just started.

For years, Nisa has secretly improved her husband’s screenplays. So when powerful movie producers invite them to an exclusive weekend getaway, it could be his big break. Too bad even big breaks can’t curb his philandering.

Nisa races to catch him in the act, but when she stumbles upon a savage creature, it’s a race for her life instead. Her struggle to survive uncovers pleasure unimaginable, and the strength to no longer live in her husband’s shadow.

By Sunday she’ll have a choice to make. Stay with the devil she’s always known? Or follow her heart, possibly into disaster?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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