Gray Wolf Mate: League of Gallize Shifters

by Dianna Love

“New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love has crafted a unique new paranormal romance series of stand-alone stories in a complex world.”

Tess Janver and Cole Cavanaugh fell deeply in love in college … then he disappeared without a word. Seven years later, Tess is working with a preternatural criminal investigation unit that captures Cole and … he’s changed. She’s caught between performing her duty to humans, protecting the only family she has left, and risking her heart to a man who once destroyed it and is no longer human. Cole’s not just any shifter, he’s a Gallize, which comes with a mating curse he can’t outrun. The only woman he’s ever loved is human and won’t survive bonding with his power, but he’s not leaving this world until she’s safe … and he has a chance to redeem himself in her eyes before his time is up.

Enjoy a fast-paced, high-action romantic tale. Each book in the series is a stand alone.

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Kept: The Lost Vampire Journals Book 1

by Helen Allan


She found something she should never have read, and never have kept, a vampire’s journal.
Now he is coming for her.
But first, he has to catch her.

Ah, Josephine.
I’d like to leave her alive a little longer, find out more about her, she is attractive to me in some undefinable way. But I cannot take the chance. She knows too much of me, of my world, and this cannot be permitted.
I will come for her tonight. And she will die.
Of course, I will have to make it interesting; she already knows how I have killed others. Haven’t I seen her laugh while reading all about it?
I will use my imagination with her, give her one last surprise. Although I don’t think she will laugh.
And I am sorry.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


He’s a Brute

by Chloe Liese

One dark and handsome control-freak sports star meets one smarty pants bioengineer with hair to match her fiery temper. It’s an experiment straight out of sexual thermodynamics.

Every good scientist knows the second law of thermodynamics: the universe’s disorder, entropy, is always increasing. Professionally and personally speaking, Nairne’s familiar with the principle. After a streak of costly fame, now she’s set on saving the world, microscope in hand, and there’s no time for romance. Problem is, when a rude, despicably sexy Adonis shows up to run their board meeting, chemistry and its ensuing chaos become more than a formula—now they’re a burning hot reality.

Mafia prince. Professional footballer. Bad boy demeanor and a reputation for being as talented between the sheets as he is on the pitch. Rumors are the man’s an absolute brute. And he turns out to be just as demanding, controlling and vicious in person as he is on paper. The Law of Attraction’s proven true, as Nairne finds herself accepting Zed’s proposal: rough, wild stress release, more orgasms than she can count, and most importantly—no falling in love.

Agreement in place. End date secured.
No attachments. No forever.
What could possibly go wrong?

Book One in the Tough Love Series—an enemies to lovers, suspenseful romance, full of sexy Italians, bedroom negotiations, feisty heroines, and an ending that’ll both satisfy you and leave you ready for more!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

She’s a Spitfire

by Chloe Liese

One fiery-haired, sexy scientist finds her perfect complement in a dark and handsome soccer star. Opposites attract, and they’ve got chemistry that’s explosive—literally.

Physics calls it entropy. Philosophy calls it Murphy’s Law: If something can go wrong, eventually it will. Professionally and personally speaking, Zed’s familiar with the principle. After a decade of trying to alter the atomic makeup of the mafia from its nucleus, now he’s set on leaving The Life and pursuing his heart. Problem is, the sassy, hot-headed spitfire he can’t quit is meddling in his slow-burn escape plan, and turning it into full-on combustion.

Book Two in the Tough Love Series—an enemies to lovers, suspenseful romance, full of sexy Italians, feisty heroines, globe-trotting action, and an ending that’ll both satisfy you and leave you ready for more!

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Love with an Imperfect Cowboy

by Ann Major

When a rough-cut Texas cowboy haunted by his past saves a Park Avenue bride on the run, opposites attract in a big, Texas way in USA Today Bestselling Ann Major’s Love with an Imperfect Cowboy.

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Awkward Hearts

by Ian Finn

I’ve always known I’m socially awkward, if not downright socially inept, over-analyzing every little thing and second-guessing myself constantly. I’m under no delusions that I’m “normal.” With my upbringing, I probably wouldn’t even know what “normal” was if it walked up and hit me on my Speedo-clad @ss.

Lately, I’m starting to wonder if I should add “asexual” to my list of eccentric character traits. I’ve had some experiences in the distant past, but they went so badly I lost what little interest in intimacy I’d managed to muster up.
I’m so busy worrying about that, as well as trying to find a job after graduating from school, that my three besties take me on vacation to clear my head. While there, I meet a handsome scientist named Blaze and soon I’m feeling heat I know isn’t just from the sun warming up Lake Erie.

Is it possible that Blaze is rekindling desires in me I thought were long gone, if they ever existed at all? Will I freak out and ruin it like I always do with everything good that comes along in my life? Especially when I find out that Blaze has issues of his own he’s dealing with, or, should I say, not dealing with?

I’m on vacation to psych myself up to come out at work. I have to, since my boss keeps acting like I’m going to marry his daughter so that he can hand off his pharmaceutical research company to us.

I’m quickly distracted from my goal when I meet shy, nerdy and smoking hot Liam Kingsley at the lake. But holy bubble butt, Batboy: how could I not notice Zeus-in-a-Speedo? And how can I resist pursuing him?

I figure this is the perfect opportunity to have a fling, but apparently Liam’s too flaky for that. That boy has issues and leave it to me to be attracted to crazy.

I tell myself to forget about him as I head back home. But time passes and I still haven’t solved my dilemma at work, when who shows up there but Mr. Bubble Butt himself. He’s gotten a job at the same company I’m set to take over, as long as I keep pretending to be straight.

Apparently fate has brought Liam back into my life, and I can’t resist wanting him in my bed. If only he would let go of his insecurities long enough for me to get him there.

Has he already gotten into my head and my heart? And what will that mean for the drama that’s unfolding at work?

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Category: LGBT Romance


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