The Billionaire’s Secret Intern: An Enemies to Lovers Office Romance

by Chloe Kincaid

Clay —

I’d never even noticed her before.

The intern.

Sitting there in her baggy plaid sweatshirt.

But she was the only one left in the office and I needed a date, fast. The party and investors meeting were just a few hours away and I had to make a good showing.

So, I made her an offer—a business proposal. She’d go with me to the party and I’d write her a glowing recommendation.

Little did I know after a makeover this ugly duckling would turn into a beauty.

I never gave her second thought before.

Now I can’t get her out of my mind.

Olivia —

I was just an intern.

I never thought the handsome CEO would actually ask me on a date. But it was just a business arrangement, right?

It was never going to turn into anything real.

He was much older than me and so out of my league.

But here we are, all over each other.

I don’t want to lose my virginity to him, but my body is telling me otherwise.

With every caress and deep passionate kiss, this relationship sure doesn’t seem fake anymore.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Man with the Mafia

by Debra J. Falasco

Spunky, sassy romance writer Deirdre Collins leaves her home and the roommates she adores for a fresh start in New York City. Lured by old-world charm and authentic Italian cuisine, she moves into her new apartment ready for a new life. What she wasn’t ready for was dark, brooding Italian attorney, Vincent Manetti. This stoic Adonis with a sly sense of humor and a bossy disposition is a dominating lover in the bedroom but a caring soul when Deirdre faces the constant reminders of her past. Vincent soothes her in ways no one else could. Deirdre is convinced a crazy twist of Fate brought them together. But Fate isn’t just crazy; she’s a sadistic bitch. Deidre’s past is connected to Vincent in ways neither of them could have predicted. Vincent works to keep Deirdre in the dark, but Fate plays her wicked hand, and soon, there’s nothing he can do except tell her the truth. Madly in love and suspicious, Deirdre follows her instincts, but does Vincent deserve her love and affection? Perhaps, a man who harbors secrets shouldn’t fall for a woman who values trust above all else. Is Vincent Manetti a man with the mafia, not to be trusted or believed, or is he the answer to what Deidre’s been missing her entire life?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The Parker Sisters The Complete Collection

by Lorhainne Eckhart

Come and meet The Parker Sisters of Wyoming, a spinoff of the romance series Married in Montana from a Readers’ Favorite award-winning author and “queen of the family saga.” The Parker Sisters: The Complete Collection includes the first five books in this heartwarming big family romance series.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Falling For Him

by Ali Parker

Not everyone deserves a second chance.
My brother’s best friend surely doesn’t after leaving home without a concern.
Even when my brother died, he couldn’t handle it.
Good for him. Life moves on and changes.
After years of trying to make it in New York, I find myself headed back home.
This time with a little girl and no hubs to help.
I’m a big girl though. I can make this work in my favor.
Until he shows up. And fate would have it that I’m forced to go out for coffee with him to make up for an accident I caused.
He’s beyond gorgeous, a billionaire, and stares at me like I’m the only woman in the room.
And he wants to help me dream again.
First about business, then about love.
I try to refuse, but he has this way about him.
He’s bullheaded and dominant, unwilling to relent.
Scarily enough, he’s exactly what I need.
I’m doing the one thing I hoped I wouldn’t—falling for him.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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