James the Christmas Grouch

by Ivy Smoak

The stockings are hung, the lights are aglow, and the mistletoe is ready for kisses below. There’s just one problem…none of those decorations are in James and my apartment.

We just started our happily ever after – we’re newly engaged, in a new city, with new friends. We’ve both given up a lot to make this relationship work, but I never thought I might have to give up my love for Christmas. How did I not know that my fiancé was a total Christmas grouch? Don’t get me wrong, I love James Hunter and I always will. But for years, he’s been celebrating anti-Christmas with his friends. He’s lost the Christmas spirit that he had when he was a child. And he doesn’t seem to want to thaw his frozen heart.

So I’ve decided that it’s my new mission to make him believe again. And with a little sprinkle of Christmas magic, it just might be possible.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Good Intentions Volume One

by Ana Balen

The road to hell is paved by good intentions.

I’m living proof of that.
When I met my wife I had good intentions. When I stayed in a marriage that doesn’t work (to put it lightly) I had good intentions.
But then she came to work for me.
She was supposed to just be a desire I would never fulfill.
I am a married man.
A father,
and she is too young.
But then, my wife crossed the line, and she came offering something I couldn’t say no to, and all my good intentions went right where I was going.
To hell.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Dominance and Submission Erotica Bundle – A BDSM Boxed Set: Four BDSM Erotica Series

by Alexandra Noir

This bundle has over 500 pages of BDSM stories from the perverted mind of Alexandra Noir.

In “Dominance and Submission” a man’s midlife crisis leads him to seek out a sadistic club owner to help open his wife’s mind up to all the pleasures of BDSM.

In “The Case of the Slandered Supermodel” Gwen’s modeling career is under threat from a fake BDSM sex tape that shows her doing disgusting things. But seeing her double on her knees has awakened desires that she never knew she had.

In “A Domme Can” a law student who moonlights as a dominatrix is bored with the men who are groveling for her attention. She wants a challenge: the senior professor at her school!

In “Undercover Domme” a star detective is asked to take the undercover assignment of her life: as a professional Dominatrix. She’s initially disgusted but starts to wonder if this is what her relationships have always been missing!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

The Dragon’s Claim

by Victoria Wright

It’s culling time in Shadowvale.

After the death of her elderly guardian, Sophia Starling is chosen by her village as the tribute they must pay to the dragon clan that rules their land. But even if she’s going to be eaten by a dragon, she has no intention of going down without a fight. Fortunately for a lass down on her luck, Riva Blackwing has entirely different ideas in mind.

Taken from her home and all she’s ever known, Sophia is thrust into a strange new world where she must adapt or die. Torn between the desire to regain her freedom and the attraction she feels for Riva, one thing is certain: if she isn’t careful, the choices she makes could get them both killed.

*The Dragon’s Claim is a complete, standalone romance novella and the first in a sexy new series.*

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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