Just One Bite

by Nora Snowdon

Rosie has an amazing one-night-stand with the most perfect man. Ever. He’s gorgeous, funny and really seems to like her. Then she overhears that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant and he’s being forced into a shotgun wedding. Hell, the only good thing that came out of that night she met Lucas, was the mangy dog who now jogs with her. He may be an odd looking mutt, but at least he’s a good listener.

Lucas adores Rosie but she hates him because she thinks he’s a lying sleaze who cheated on his fiancée. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not to mention, Rosie would freak out if she found out he’s a werewolf.

The other problem is, she only likes her jogging partner the wolf, and not the man. But damn, how do you woo a woman if all you can do is bark?

Sexy, hilarious, and emotionally satisfying, Just One Bite is a book you can really sink your teeth into.

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Category: Paranormal Romance



The Secret Heart (No Better Angels Book 1)

by Erin Satie

She’s a fortune-hunter. He’s nobody’s prey.

Adam, Earl of Bexley, lives to work. His only relief is the sordid savagery of bare-knuckle boxing. Not women, and definitely not a disreputable, scheming woman who dances in secret with such passion…

Caro Small is desperate to escape her selfish family. Her only chance is a good marriage, and she intends to marry Adam—whether he likes it or not. But the more she schemes to entrap him, the more she risks trapping her own heart.

Adam won’t be caught by a fortune-hunter’s ambitious schemes. But the vulnerable, passionate woman underneath the plots might just bring him to his knees.

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Category: Victorian Romance



Modern Girl’s Guide To Vacation Flings

by Gina Drayer

A chance encounter leads to an outrageous proposal. Two weeks. One little lie.
Too busy with work, Matt didn’t have time for a girlfriend. But a girlfriend was exactly what he needed—at least for the duration of his family’s trip.
This vacation was supposed to help Beth relax, and she was looking for a little fun to spice things up. So when the charming stranger asked her to be his pretend girlfriend, it sounded like just the distraction she was looking for.
It was just a harmless vacation fling. No strings, no messy feelings. Right?

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Category: Multicultural Romance



Sasha’s Dilemma

by T.L Smith

LOVE— it’s a common word that people take for granted. As for me, Sasha Adams, I have seen that love isn’t everything, though sometimes it’s meant to be. But to be honest, I never wanted it. That has been my plan for as long as I can remember. The only person I ever wanted to love is my sister Lola. But then I met not one no, not even two— but three beautiful men.
Dylan, the doctor, had his head screwed on tight. Josh, well, he was a tattooed sex machine playboy. Then there was Brax, the rock star. It was clear they all wanted my heart, but I wouldn’t give it to any of them willingly.

Unwillingly, I fell hard, but there was a part of me that knew he could destroy me. So I refused to give him all of me, and now he’s returned and determined to win me back. But it’s too late, isn’t it?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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