More Than Charming (Book 3 Dashing Nobles Series)

by JoMarie DeGioia

When James sees Catherine at a society ball he is stunned by her beauty. Paul’s sweet little sister has become a breathtakingly beautiful woman. And Catherine is just as taken with the most charming bachelor in London.

But can a charming rogue and an innocent lady find their own loving truth in the face of jealousy and scandal-mongers threatening to tear them apart? And will it be too late when their very future is threatened by unspeakable danger?

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Category: Historical Romance


by Alana Serra

Meg doesn’t trust the Karuvar, even if they’re the reason humanity still exists. But when the insanely hot, intensely protective Verkiir decides to claim her as his mate, she’s torn between what she believes and what she truly needs.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Take a Chance on Me

by Weston Parker

Not all alpha males are assholes.

But the guy that messed up Tiffany’s self-image sure as hell was.

This beautiful, curvy woman has held my imagination captive since the day she started working with me.

She has no idea how gorgeous, powerful, and intelligent she is.

But that ruse is up.

I’m going to tell her. Show her. Press that truth upon her until she sees herself like I do.

I haven’t been with a woman since losing my wife around the holidays, but it’s time to give love a second chance. My son and I are ready to have a family again.

Now I just need to convince her to take a chance on me.

It’ll be the best decision of her life.

I’ll make sure of it.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Ignite My Passion

by Mia Ford

I knew to take her as my client was playing with fire!

But the moment she walks into my office,
And I lock my eyes with her;
She ignites that passion and then there is no turning back.

Nova’s been through a lot,
An abusive marriage that’s scared her to death.
But she has a hidden fiery side that makes me WILD,

And then my worst fears come true,
The trouble that once only affected her, starts coming for both of us.
Her husband who would do anything to possess her.
He might be a hunter, but I’m a f*#king beast.
I’ll do everything to protect her
I’ll fight for her and bring her back home.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

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