by Alyssa Turner

He wears a suit, but he is not entirely civilized. There’s a feral beast inside that is often hungry for something he’ll probably never find. The newbie submissive flirting with him and his friends at Club Duval is in way over her pretty head. Or is it the other way around? There’s nothing more dangerous than a sub who rewrites all the rules, or one more tempting. Contemporary Reverse Harem, BDSM Romance. From the author of Polished.

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Category: BDSM


Transformation – A Bisexual Cuckold’s Erotic Tale

by Raven Merlot

Trina’s husband has been holding out on her.

She checked his browser history. It was BBC this, BBC that, the BBC goes in there!

It seems like Brad can’t get enough of it!

Well, at least that’s one thing they have in common. Trina decides to help Brad get these desires out of his system, once and for all.

Fortunately for them both, and for every horny black man nearby, that doesn’t work.

Neither of them predicted that Brad’s lust for this mysterious “BBC” would extend beyond voyeurism but once the BBC lust genie is loose, it isn’t going back into the lamp.

Rod Fetcher and Raven Merlot are proud to bring you this erotic novel about a husband and wife who decide they can have all their fantasies come true!

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Category: Erotic Romance


One Winter Night

by Ali Parker

Love is in the air in Savannah. I recently got out of the military, and am working for my best friend’s father. The last person I expected to find working there was my best friend’s little sister – all grown up, beyond beautiful and such a handful. She’s in for the adventure of her lifetime with me, and it’s going to start one hot winter night.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Taboo Voyeur (Books 1-3)

by Bella Beaumont

What would you do if your voyeurism took a dark turn? Evelyn Coolidge is about to find out. Her voyeuristic fun started out fun and innocent—watching strangers—but now her addiction has seeped into her household. She finds herself getting off on watching the people she loves…

She knows it’s wrong. She knows it’s shameful. But she also knows that it’s totally hot!

Contains the first three books in The Taboo Voyeur series: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, No Shame in Their Game, and Spilling the Family Secrets.

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Category: Erotica


Saving Savannah – A Reverse Harem Romance

by Krista Wolf

Three ripped, ‘college hunk’ moving men. One sizzling hot game of Truth or Dare. Who would’ve thought setting up my new apartment could be this much fun?

Just weeks before Halloween, Savannah is starting an all-new life in Salem, Massachusetts. So when her three absolutely gorgeous movers offer to come back later and help break in her new place? Pizza isn’t the only thing on the menu.

But her new shop is plagued by trouble, both local and beyond. And when Savannah drags the ghosts of her own haunted past into her shiny new world? It’ll take all three of her strapping new boyfriends to keep her safe from harm.

Erik is the wild-eyed tattooed alpha, as fiercely protective as he is strong. Zane the lithe, boyish blond, with a swimmer’s abdominals and loyal to a fault. They’re rounded out by Roman, olive-skinned and gorgeous – a true Italian Stallion, with shoulders that could carry the world. Together they share the burden of Savannah’s protection every bit as much as they share her love, her heart… and her body as well.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Erotic Romance


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