Dark Thoughts

by Cynthia Sax

Can love redeem a monster?

The Refuge is home to some of the most violent beings in the universe. Kralj, its leader, reigns over the remote outpost with terrifying ease, ruthlessly squashing any rumors of rebellion, killing anyone who breaks his rules. Primitive, deadly, powerful, he’s a monster, scarred both on his face and his soul. He has never met a being he couldn’t control.

Until he meets her.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


by Mona Ingram

“A great way to introduce a series”

In the Prequel, which is included with this book, get acquainted with the five women who band together to save the dying town of Chance, California. Their heartbreak, their struggles, their determination – and ultimately, their love stories.

Following in her late husband’s footsteps, Lianne visits the spectacular Cornwall coast of England. Here on magnificent windswept beaches, she begins to find herself again. However she didn’t anticipate a growing attraction to a local man… and his dog. When Jamie disappears unexpectedly, she questions her ability to love again.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Professor’s Secret Crush

by Elana Johnson

She’s about to break her university’s rules and date a student…

Cassandra Caldwell wants one thing: to keep her twin brothers safe. After her mother’s death, she took them in and relocated to Forbidden Lake, where she’s done whatever she could to keep them off the radar of their convict father.

But she’s tired of running, and Jonathan Addler is drop-dead gorgeous—and good in the kitchen. But the college has had a recent student-teacher scandal and a relationship with him is strictly forbidden…

Can Jon convince her Forbidden Lake is safe and to stay with him? Or will she run again, shattering her heart—and his—in the process?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The Lumberjack’s Secret Guest

by Elana Johnson

He’s about to let in his enemy and call her a guest…

Phoenix can’t believe it, but he’ll do anything for Allegra. Anything. But will he have to endure another broken heart? Can Allegra find a way to take their relationship out of the shadows without putting them both at risk?

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All Grown Up

by Ali Parker

I should have never turned her away.
She left for the romantic city of Paris.
Life has a way of coming full circle.
She’s all grown up, and still stealing my every thought.
Never in a million years did I expect her to take a gift with her.
A secret child.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Saving Beth

by Katy Kaylee

She’s the one that got away… ten years ago.

I am the head of the Diorno famiglia. Duty. Responsibility. And above all, Family. These are the only things that matter to me. Nothing else. Nothing and no one. That is, until she walks back into my life.


Blue eyes, luscious lips, and devastating curves. She tells me that I mean nothing to her. Looks at me like I’m a mere stranger. But her eyes tell me a different story. They beg for me to claim her. To save her. She’s trying to track down a serial killer. Her life is at risk. And now, Beth is not just the love of my life.

She’s also carrying our baby.

I’d be damned if I let anyone lay a hand on either of them.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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