Unentangled: The Tangled Series Book One

by Katherine King



Meeting someone like sexy Lucas Reid wasn’t part of my plan. The moment my eyes connected with his, it was as if he was my fantasy. Hot. Charismatic. Passionate. How was I to stay away? Raw emotions, sizzling sex scenes, all while being kept on the edge of your seat.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


An American Cinderella

by Krista Lakes

Henry Prescott, rugby player, is oh-so-sexy. Despite knowing nothing about rugby, Aria finds herself falling for him.

There’s only one problem: Henry Prescott doesn’t exist.

The man she thinks she loves is actually Prince Henry, in line for the throne of a faraway land. He’s the man who Aria’s entire department has to impress for trade relations. And that makes Aria’s stepmother’s plans even more dangerous.

He’s the man who could destroy her world or make all her dreams come true.

He lied about being a prince… did he also lie about being in love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Hard Flip

by Allyson Lindt

Mischa’s past makes it PR-suicide to put his name on his business. Ash is struggling to support herself and her younger sister. His proposal? Pose as his fiancée. Ash gets financial security, and Mischa gets a ready-made family to make him look respectable. They just have to remember the sparks that fly every time they touch, are just for show…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Hard Pack

by Allyson Lindt

One moment, one day, can change everything.

For Tristan Hough, that moment cost him Olympic gold. As he accepted his silver medal, he swore he’d never settle for second again.

When Tristan’s accused of using the charity Victoria Small runs as a tax shelter, minimizing contact with her becomes critical to his long-term success.

Except she’s pregnant. And the child is his.

A child Tristan wants desperately. So, he’s going to be in the baby’s life, even if he can’t have Victoria. Who cares that she’s got Tristan’s brain and libido so twisted, the most skilled black diamond boarder would jump at the chance to ride those seductive curves?

Tristan’s learned his lesson–and has the hard knocks to prove it. He can’t let lack of discipline destroy everything he’s worked for.

Never again.

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A is for Alpha

by Kate Aster

Who put the “O” in Aloha?

Yeah, that’s me. Camden Sheridan. A guy who will bring you to “O” faster than you can text it.

Former Army Ranger with the standard issue 8-pack.

And now, a bartender who’ll get you safely back to your hotel after too many margaritas… and you won’t want me to leave.

Believe me, you won’t.

I live life by my rules in my bachelor pad paradise here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Until a Ranger brother needs me to take care of his little girl while he deploys. A four-year-old cockblock in pigtails.

My sex life comes to a screeching halt.

Then the babysitter shows up. Annie.

Smart, principled, good with kids. All the things I don’t look for in a woman.

I want her anyway.

Annie’s got a fortress of secrets surrounding her. But I’ll break it down and claim her as mine.

If this kid will just take a nap.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


The Milkman

by Tabatha Kiss

Nathaniel Scott is back.
He’s the town’s new milkman.
Handsome, charming, and so eager to please.

But the home I’ve made belongs to another man.
A man who refuses to give me what I need.

I never thought I could be that woman
but I’ll do whatever it takes to feel alive again.

The milkman is coming.
And I’m leaving my back door unlocked.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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