Hot Property

by Susanne O’Leary

When Megan O’Farrell inherits her uncle’s house in a remote part of the windswept Atlantic coast of Ireland, she imagines it will be a romantic hideaway where she can recover from her recent divorce. But the house is a wreck that requires a fortune to restore, and she decides to sell it. An easy choice, were it not for the discovery of an old family scandal and a budding love affair with both the beautiful landscape and a handsome Kerryman. Catapulted into country life and faced with the less romantic side of farming, she also has to deal with a conspiracy to make her leave.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Fake It: A Fake Marriage Baby Romance

by Mia Ford

Fake It – well, that was the arrangement
But, why not make it real…if all seems to be going so well!

When I’m told to give my family an heir or lose my inheritance,
The choice is simple.

Boy, thanks to my no-strings relationship with Sophia, the bartender,
This is not going to be difficult at all.
I’ll give her an offer she won’t be able to put down;
And once the baby is born, we can move our separate ways.
It’s going to be a no strings attached fake marriage.

But when I hear the heartbeat of my baby for the first time,
I want to be with her till death do us part.

Oh, Sophia baby,
You were just supposed to carry my baby.
And now, you’ve stolen my heart.
What am I going to do?

Well, I’ll fake it till we make it!
You are mine and mine forever,
And I won’t let you go – not so easily!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Burning Rubber

by Becky Rivers

I’m Johnny ‘Boy’ Jones.
King of the racetrack.
Everything is mine for the taking.
The fastest cars, the prettiest girls.
Nothing can stop me now.
Until Summer shows up at the Daytona Race.
A girl with long, red hair in a short, white dress.
I fall head-over-heels in temporary love.
Until she announces she’s the new owner of my racing team.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Missing Forever

by C.E. Granger

Jax Sutton was the envy of every boy and the crush of every girl in high school. Jax popularity then pales in comparison to his popularity now. As a professional drag car racer, touring the country and winning races throughout the US, finding a pretty girl to hang on his arm is not a problem for Jax. However, when Jax returns to Chandler County for the Derby, a beautiful woman catches his eye. He doesn’t remember her, but she knows exactly who he is. Megan Richland went unnoticed by Jax back in school. She was a late bloomer’ quiet and demure. By the time Megan came into her own, Jax was long gone. Megan, like many of the girls of Chandler High, had a secret crush on Jax Sutton. As an adult, she followed his career and cheered for him, but thoughts of turning Jax’s head, was fantasy, and when Jax returns to Chandler County, still, Megan feels like the girl from high school; not quite pretty enough, not quite popular enough, not quite good enough for Jax Sutton. However, there’s another vying for Jax attention; a nemesis from Megan’s past. She threatens to ruin Megan’s chance at a happily ever after. But this time, Megan steps into the ring and the battle for Jax Sutton’s heart intensifies.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Breaking the Cowboy’s Rules

by Leslie North

Ranch owner, Trevor Wild, loves spending his day in the saddle riding. But after inheriting a bad business deal the Ranch is in serious financial trouble, and this cowboy needs to look outside the box to save his family’s pride and joy. Glamping guru, Sabrina, is the best at what she does, and she could very well be Trevor’s saving grace…

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Category: Western Romance

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