Venus, Burning

by H. Jewel Lohr

For recently engaged Ava Blackwood, life is going according to plan. That is, until she runs into an old flame. One that was never extinguished. William Debroux has always understood Ava in a way no one else has, and is one of the only people that know about her traumatic childhood. Despite the six years that have passed without seeing one another, her heart soars when she lays eyes on him again. She suddenly finds herself longing for the blossoming romance they shared when she was just a silly college girl at NYU, her mind rushing with memories of when she first wandered into his office as a patient.

Now unexpectedly back in her life and strangely acquainted with her fiancé, she begins to asks herself…Is my heart behind this upcoming marriage? Or was it already stolen in New York all those years ago?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Playing For Keeps

by Mia Ford

His coach told him not to touch me.
But we did a whole lot more than touch.
Now I’m pregnant, and he’s in trouble.
His time’s up. It’s me or the game.

My basketball coach has one rule.
Players don’t f*#k cheerleaders.
I broke that rule when I met Rebekah.
Her full red lips begged me for a taste,
And I gave her what she wanted.
Now she’s carrying my child, and I’m back on the bench.
The world knows our dirty little secret,
But Coach is giving me one more chance,
The only chance I want is from her though.
And I won’t take no for an answer.
I’ll take the court, but I’ll take Rebekah first.
I’m not just playing for the love of the game,
This time, I’m playing for keeps.

A MUST READ Sports Baby Romance full-length novel with no cheating or cliffhanger and a very satisfying HEA. Kindle edition includes bonus content including “Moment of Truth” which is never before published anywhere and only available inside this book. Enjoy!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Southern Spice

by Jeannette Winters

Derrick Nash knows the pain of loss. But is he seeking justice or revenge? He doesn’t care as long as someone pays the price.
It is Casey Collin’s duty at FEMA to help those in need when a natural disaster strikes. After a tornado hits Honeywell, she finds there are more problems than just storm damage. Will she follow company procedures or her heart?
Can Derrick move forward without the answers he’s been searching for? Can Casey teach him how to trust again? Or will she need to face the fact that not every story has a happy ending?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

SPY: His Mission. His Orders. His Promise.

by Maggie Carpenter

She’s working for a ruthless gangster. He’s on a mission to bring him down. Can old flames be rekindled in the middle of chaos and danger?

Secret agent Oliver Barton has finally found the woman who stole his heart two years before, but to his dismay she’s working for a ruthless Russian gangster. Though he’s on a mission, his priority is now rescuing her from the evil psychopath.

Natalie Freeman, a beautiful art-historian, still hasn’t forgiven Oliver for shattering her heart and not keeping his promise, but she’s never stopped craving his special brand of love. He has broken into her hotel suite, and as he stands before her with a devilish grin and sexy glint in his eye, she cannot deny the desire sweeping through her body.

But his dangerous mission involves the very man who has her in his clutches…!

If you enjoy sizzling suspense and the unbridled passion of a femme fatale crossing sexy swords with a roguish hero, you’ll love SPY. Lose yourself in this exciting espionage romance. Pick up this sizzling page-turner today.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

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