Surrendering to the Bodyguard

by Asha Daniels

She’s a pawn in a dangerous game.

When a rock star receives death threats, the best security in the business is hired to keep her safe. He’s sworn off ever loving again, until he meets her.
Military trained, the ex-CIA agent follows protocol without question. Is it too late to save the woman he desperately loves?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Fake Marriage Act

by Lulu Pratt

My buddy signed me up for a reality TV show
Marry a stranger and after 6 months split a million dollars
Even better I find out if I walk away first I get it all
An easy million in my pocket
Then I see her as she walks down the aisle
I’m hard as I stand next to her at the altar
It is going to be tough screwing her out of her half of the money
But not before I have screwed her first…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Rebel

by Aria Ford

I’m untouchable.
I stopped giving a f*#k about anything years ago.
Not my father’s money or his expectations.
Rock hard and reckless, nothing ever gets to me.

Until I met Bethany.

Her sweet curves, her smart mouth.
She got under my skin.
I had to get her into my bed.
She was my drug and I’d never get enough.
I had to let her in or lose her, open up and try for something real.
Her ex shows up.
He saw us together. He thinks she belongs to him.
He’s never been more f*#king wrong in his life.
He never should have tried to hurt her.

Because I’ll do anything to protect what’s mine.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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