First KISS: Prelude to the A.D.A.M. Agency

by V.A. Dold

What do you do when your past comes creeping back?
Carol Duffy is facing the next chapter in her life. She alternates between excitement and fear as she drives toward her fresh start with a new job in a new state. She’s washed her cheating ex-fiancé out of her hair, and the last thing Carol wants is another man in her life. Now if she could just get her dog back.
Moving from the only home she’s known is terrifying enough. It’s a good thing she didn’t know how deadly it could be or she would never have gotten into her car.
Widower Joe Christian has spent the last ten years raising his children as best he could and managing the Rocking Double L Ranch for Lucas Le Beau. Relationships and romance are off his menu. He had his chance at true love and lost it.
The A.D.A.M. Agency, where Krystal and your spirit guide will match you with your soulmate.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Knight and the Necromancer – Book One: The Capital

by A. H. Lee

It’s a classic fairytale: Knight meets necromancer. They argue. They fight. They…make out?

Roland is the premier knight of the realm, leading troops in a bloody war. Sairis is a necromancer with a price on his head, eking out a lonely existence. When they meet under false pretenses, their mutual fascination is obvious. But can their attraction survive the revelation of their identities?

Knights have hunted Sairis all his life, and Roland has been taught since childhood that necromancers are inhuman monsters. When they are targeted by a sorcerous attack, Roland and Sairis will have to work together to survive. If they can’t sort out their feelings for each other, the entire realm may fall.

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Category: LGBT Romance

Eight Brothers’ Fiancée

by Nicole Casey

The haughty twins and their six brothers knew exactly how to get me.

I didn’t realize men could change so much.
The twins I resented in college, along with their 6 brothers are now here to make my life a misery.
The media had shown me their wild side.
Now that they’re my bosses, I’m seeing something different.

It was supposed to be nothing more than a job to me, a chance for a scoop.
I planned to play their game, rob them blind, and take the spoils for myself.
But working closely with 8 sexy and irresistible hunks wasn’t the easiest thing to do in the world.
Yes. Eight brothers, all with piercing eyes, muscular chests, and perfect chiseled abs.

Harley and Huxley, co-owners of Foxx Media;
Jett and Rogan, heads of an eminent modeling agency;
Maverick and Delvin, commanders of a well-known record label;
Quentin and Keaton, and their thriving event planning business.

Ever since that day, my life’s been turned upside down.
Before I realized, I started to have these wild dreams at night, with all their hands on me, touching and caressing me all over.
It was a dream far beyond anything I’d ever imagined, but now that it was in my head, I knew that I’d never let it go.

I didn’t know if I could handle 8 men.
I didn’t even know who they truly were.
But I was about to find out.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Bound for Barcelona – Breaking Free, The Journey

by Marcella Steele

What is it about complicated men that makes them so irresistible?

Elena Vidal’s life couldn’t be more complicated. That is, until fate throws Ethan Pierce in her path. He’s much younger but more sophisticated, more powerful than any man she’s known. From the moment she sees his gorgeous face, his smoldering eyes, his chiseled body—she knows he will be her undoing.

Divorced and alone, Elena muddles her way through dating disappointments, searching for the thing she wants most—a new chance at life and love. Only her career sustains her, until a power hungry boss threatens to rip that away.

When Ethan comes into her life and turns it upside down, she dares to dream of breaking free from the world she’s known. He shows her a life filled with possibilities, daring passion, and erotic fantasies. Their romance brings her the love she craves, but Elena wonders if it’s worth the risk to her heart.

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Category: Erotic Romance

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