Rescuing the Prince

by Victoria Leybourne

Prince Cor of Seingalt is about to announce his engagement. The court, the country and the world are waiting to meet his fiancée. The trouble is, he hasn’t got one. He needs a fake, and fast.

Rhian Rothe is trapped. With her dreams of stage stardom in tatters, she needs a new opportunity—enough to agree to play Cinderella to an arrogant prince. But this is no fairytale, and Rhian’s not the one who needs to be rescued. If Prince Less-Than-Charming wants her help, he’d better start acting like it.

Sparks fly as soon as the pair meet at the palace, and it turns out that the only thing Cor hates more than lying to his country is working with Rhian. But nothing is as it seems in the royal court—and, no matter what, the show must go on.

Rescuing the Prince is a sweet modern romance novel for fans of fairytales, tiaras and happy endings.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Royally Yours

by Amy Brent

All I ever wanted was to be Prince. Until I met her.
Now I have to choose — her or my throne.
And the clock is ticking…

I’m a royal ladies’ man. A British Prince with an appetite.
But my particular thirsts need to be kept secret.
Submission. Domination. These are my only addictions.
I can have any woman I want, but there’s only one I crave.
Heidi. An American supermodel with curves to die for.
I want more than skin and bones under my hand,
And Heidi has it all. She begs… and I take.
But when our secret gets out, my family’s not happy.
I want a royal wedding, they just want her gone.
Marry her, and I lose it all. No title. No money. No crown.
But I don’t care about my title or my billions.
All I care about is Heidi and the child she’s carrying.
Damn the throne. Heidi and her baby are mine.
And I always protect what’s mine.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Temporarily Yours

by Cara Carnes

Bess Sutton is used to going unnoticed. She spends her days temping and doing whatever’s necessary to put her life back together. The last thing she needs is attention—especially from the sexy billionaire bad boy Landon Gaffrey.

Landon Gaffrey’s used to getting what he wants, however he wants it. Too bad the sexy little imp of a temporary employee working in his office has other ideas. He didn’t become one of the most successful billionaires around by giving up.

When things heat up, they soon realize their hook-up isn’t a temporary thing. Will two people from seemingly different worlds be able to make it work?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

WARLOCK: His Coven. His Magick. His Soulmate.

by Maggie Carpenter

For a warlock living in the world as a human things can get complicated. Especially when it comes to love.

Laszio Grigore, a warlock leader, is deeply drawn to a spunky young woman with auburn hair and violet-blue eyes. He aches to be with her, but an ancient pact forbids him from sharing his bed with humans.

Vanya Delany is an independent and self-assured young woman, but as she sits at the bar of an Italian eatery, she finds herself melting under the gaze of the owner, a gorgeous man named Laszio. With long shimmering hair and mesmerizing dark eyes, he’s unlike any man she’s ever met.

When Kalick, a demonic warlock, breaks the eons-old treaty and attempts to kidnap her, surprise magic from an unexpected source saves her life. Laszio sweeps in to protect her from further harm and their passion ignites, but even as Vanya surrenders to his mystical love, danger lurks.

Kalick continues to weave his wicked spells. He is determined to abduct Vanya and kill Laszio.

This paranormal love story will take your breath away. Lose yourself in a world of witches and warlocks, demons and angels, and a riveting romance that has endured through time. Click the link and pick up this spellbinding page-turner today.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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