The One who got Away: A Second Chance Romance

by Mia Ford

Five years ago, I gave myself to him.
Now he’s back to claim me.
My family hates him, but I don’t care.
This time, he’s not getting away.

I should never have slept with Leah.
She was hot, she was begging for it…
She was my best friend’s little sister.
If he finds out he’ll destroy me,
But Leah’s worth destruction.
I still remember her curves, her kisses…
The way her body melted against mine.
One taste just wasn’t enough. I want more.
Her family thinks I’m a spoiled rich boy who likes to play with motorcycles.
All I want to play with is Leah.
She thinks I don’t know about the child she’s carrying inside her.
But I know everything, and I protect what’s mine.
I’ll prove to her and everyone else that this time,
I’m playing for keeps.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

The Royal Wedding (A Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy, Book 2)

by Melanie Summers

Irresistibly Funny. Wildly Romantic.
Don’t miss the must-read second book in the Crown Jewels Romance trilogy by international best-selling author, MJ Summers…
Twenty-eight-year-old Tessa Sharpe is so close to living her dreams, she can almost taste it. She’s finally landed a job at a newspaper, she’s engaged to the perfect man, and if all goes well, she’ll be moving out of her parent’s house and into the palace in just a few months. But for Tessa, all never goes well. Instead, things go horribly, cringe-worthingly wrong.
Before she can start packing up her things, she must prove herself worthy of being a princess, not only to a disapproving nation, but to herself.
Will Tessa manage to fight her way down the aisle to find her Prince Charming waiting? Or will her dreams slip through her fingertips like they always have before?
Get your copy today and be part of the feel-good fairy tale!

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Dirty Little Secret

by Michelle Love

She was a virgin, and I was the bad boy set on getting her gift…
Taking her sweet innocence, I traded her one night of unforgettable pleasure.
Nine months to be exact. Then our night of what her family deemed sin would be born, only to be given away.
He was her secret, and he soon became mine too…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Equal And Opposite Reactions

by Patti Liszkay

Set in working-class Philadelphia, Equal And Opposite Reactions is a romantic comedy about the chain of events that follows when Sally Miller, a newly divorced, financially struggling young mother and Silvio Jablonski, a broken-hearted plumber who shows up to fix Sally’s toilet, learn to their shock that they have something strangely in common.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

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